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The Good Wife 4×02 – And The Law Won

"Yup I'm exhausted and it's not even noon."


This episode did a great job of putting us in Alicia’s shoes. I really fell for her as she was constantly being pulled and tugged at from every direction. Whether she’s Diane’s punching ball, sharing a tender moment with Peter on the campaign bus, or facing off with Nick, Julianna Margulies just owns the role and she’s never anything less than a delight to watch onscreen.

First off, the case-of-the-week with the protest death was intriguing enough, and I quite enjoyed the added element of the jury asking questions. It acted as the perfect unorthodox case for Will’s return to the law. While The Good Wife does seem to follow a template with its cases, this one was interesting enough to hold my attention. The judge with the Harvard bias was also quite enjoyable.

I’m also quite intrigued by the addition of Maura Tierney to the cast. I do hope she sticks with the show for a while because I’ve always enjoyed her performances. She’s just inherently likeable and charming. I’m quite curious to see why she’s so suddenly intent on supporting Peter. My bet is on her grooming Alicia to run for office herself seeing as how she’s supposedly a fan of female candidates. Honestly I’d love to see Alicia campaigning for herself. It feels like a strangely natural evolution of the show. Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself but I’d just love for the show to eventually end with her as President. Crazy or strangely possible?

And finally, what is up with Kalinda’s storyline? I was fine with her and Nick’s fight in the premiere but this episode just crossed the line and not in a good way. That ice cream scene was pretty darn twisted and just seemed gratuitous for the sake of it. Honestly if Kalinda gets written off the show I don’t think I’d ever really miss her which is unfortunate. The character is pretty much a cartoon these days.

Another solid hour from The Good Wife that has my curiosity piqued for the rest of the season.

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