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The Vampire Diaries 4×01 – Growing Pains

"Your choice Elena... as always."


Woah. This felt more like a season finale than a premiere. But that’s what makes The Vampire Diaries so damn special; it steamrolls through and never lets up. Although I don’t think any of us doubted that Elena would turn, they managed to drag out her transformation in heartbreaking fashion.

I think the writers exhausted all that they could do with the Elena character so I’m so thankful they went there and vamped her up. It’s a bold and gutsy move that will undeniably reinvigorate the show (not that it needed it). I really can’t wait to see Nina grow into her new role as this premiere was already her strongest episode as an actress to date. The sequence with Elena reaching for that one drop of blood gave me goosebumps and proved to be a chilling indication of what’s to come.

While the love triangle will undoubtedly always remain at the forefront of the show, I’m impressed that they had Elena stick to her Stephen decision even with the knowledge of the unlocked memories. It’s an unexpected development that felt strangely admirable. Nonetheless, we all know Elena can’t stay away from Damon for too long. Speaking of the brothers, it was fascinating to witness both of their widely contrasting reactions to Elena’s predicament and particularly their treatment of Matt. While Damon predictably tried to kill him, Stephen urged him to be grateful for being alive.

I’m also loving Bonnie’s immersion into the dark side. Honestly I think it would be a fantastic move to turn her into this season’s Big Bad. It would make the stakes personal and give the character more to do besides conveniently chant spells when needed. Thankfully, it looks like the seeds are being planted for such a move (but you can also never tell with this show).

Bits & Bites

– Can I just say that the “previously” segment with our three leads narrating was incredibly well edited? That’s how it should be done people.

– Elena laughing hysterically with her heightened emotions broke my heart.

– Beautiful scene as Elena watches the unlocked memory between herself and Damon.

– Epic moment as Tyler/Klaus intercepts Rebecca & Caroline’s transport van.

– Klaus almost ripping out Tyler’s heart was beyond intense.

– Elena’s “I picked you” speech to Stephen was very moving. Nina knocked this episode out of the park.

– I quite enjoyed Rebecca helping Elena get to the blood. I really do hope she sticks around as she’s one of my favorites.

– Adored Vamp Elena making her first apperance and saving Matt from Damon. This is gonna be a fun year.

– Can Klaus please leave the show already? I still think this guy is The Vampire Diaries’ biggest (and only) major misstep so far.

– Elena’s showed surprising maturity in dealing with Vampirism during that final scene with Stephen. I’m impressed.

– Shocking little ending. with the pastor killing himself and his army of followers. What now?

Vampy Zingers

Rebecca: You should know better than to sneak up on a lady.
Damon: Good advice, have you seen one?

Caroline: (To Tyler) You’re miraculously alive. We’re fugitives on the run. All signs point to hot hybrid-vampire sex.

Caroline: I need to go sanitize my mouth.

Must Download Tunes
Twice by Little Dragon
Wait For The Morning by Amy Stroup

A strong opener that sets the stage for a potentially mind-blowing season.

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  1. I'm not too crazy about the exposition voiceovers, but i guess it's necessary at the start of a season. I like that they're narrated by the entire cast, even if Bonnie only got a single word 😛
    I'm always impressed by how we're kept at the edge of our seat the entire time. Of course Elena's gonna survive the season premiere of her own show, and knowing that fully well i got chills as she desperately reached for that blood. I'm also really pleased by the fact that it was Damon's blood that turned her.
    And i have so much respect for the writers for making her decision stick. They somehow made a love triangle work without letting us hate the girl… i don't think that's ever been done.
    Superb shot of Caroline and Rebekah rolling around in the van. That could not have been easy to film.
    I also wanna praise the pace of this show… They could have dragged out the klaus in Tyler's body thing for 3 episodes of hijinks, but they're beyond that.
    They could have made the council the season's big bad, but bam! NEXT!
    I have so much confidence in this show for having the guts to move this fast, and i'm sure they only disposed of storylines initiated just an episode ago because they have bigger and bolder ideas in store.
    Also, did Damon really just commit mass murder by compelling the pastor to blow them up? That's what Stefan's “damon has a revenge plan cooked up” implied.
    And that roof scene was perfectly executed. I'm team Stefan again. Sorry Wedges.

  2. Hello Mario!
    So many points:
    – That shot in the van made the scene. Wow. I too wondered how they filmed that.

    – You're so right about Klaus in Tyler's body. I though the exact same thing. A lesser show would have dragged that out for the whole year and I just loathe body-switch hijinks. Same with the council. God this show rocks.

    – I TOTALLY missed the revenge plan. Hmmm.. That would be beyond badass!

    Oh and I didn't realize Bonnie was in the previously. I thought it was just the main trio! HA!

  3. And i so agree with you about the memory thing. I don't think it's ever been done this way.. Direction's top notch, makes you wonder if they had to reshoot a few angles to make it this good.

  4. I just saw this. You shall change your mind once the season progresses.
    No one was even team Damon of rom the start.

    Speaking of which, do you think they make tshirts

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