Last Resort

Last Resort 1×03 – Eight Bells

"She always moans a little at 1300 feet. That's her g-spot."


I think I’m starting to lose interest in Last Resort. It’s a pity because the pilot was excellent, but the two subsequent episodes haven’t exactly been up to par. It doesn’t help that the show’s ratings are terrible which is preventing me from really getting too attached and then wallowing in the disappointment of its undoubted cancellation.

 While I did enjoy the chemistry between Sam and Sophie (who apparently are a couple in real life now), the sub sequences grated on my nerves a bit. I just couldn’t really immerse myself in the suspense. I’m not sure if it’s the shoddy CGI or the fact that I knew nothing was really going to happen to our characters but the plot-line just kind of fell flat for me. The stuff on the island wasn’t much better with our resident warlord more annoying than ever and Dichen Lachman giving us some boring back-story about a family we’ll probably never see again.

The highlight was undoubtedly Kylie Sinclair and her search to uncover the truth. I do like her teaming up with the Admiral and the awesome twist with her dad being one of the bad guys. Still, all in all, Last Resort really ought to step it up if it intends to hold my attention as I’m feeling quite indifferent to it at the moment.

Although it was far from horrible, this was a disappointing hour of Last Resort.

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  1. Yes, I agree with your disappointment of this show.
    Almost all of the plot lines are tiptoeing on the save it for another day kind of thinking.
    No wonder most of the sailors are itching for some action.
    Now they are smugglers and gofers for the islands 'Godfather'.
    If they don't kill off this Godfather in the next 2 episodes, i'm giving up this show.
    Problem is, if they kill off Julien, someone has to replace him as an antagonist in the island.
    With the way the story is going, this is just a mini-series that's becoming a drag.

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