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Nashville 1×01 – Welcome To Nashville


I don’t really like country music. It’s not my thing and I was sure this show wouldn’t be either. However, it’s one of the most buzzed about pilots of the year and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Plus, it stars Connie Britton who was simply phenomenal on American Horror Story (a show I recently got addicted to).

Surprisingly enough, the buzz was somewhat well earned. While this wasn’t a fantastic pilot, it had just enough charm (thanks to Miss Britton) to make it a pleasant enough diversion. Her rapport with Hayden Panettiere was also quite delicious and I’m looking forward to seeing them acclimate to each other over the course of the season (that is if I stick with the show).

Moreover, we got some interesting tidbits to consider for the season such as Rayna’s sleazy dad and the political plans he has in mind for his son in law. Coupled with a forbidden love story (of course) and a pretty awesome duet to end the hour, and this just might be everybody’s favorite guilty pleasure of the year. Not bad at all.

While it’s not particularly sophisticated, the Nashville pilot is an enjoyable little concoction.

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