Revolution 1×04 – The Plague Dogs

"Everybody leaves me."


Well well well. After criticizing Revolution for its decline in quality since the pilot (and praising Last Resort in the process), I’m glad to say that this little show has bounced back with an excellent little hour that has restored my faith in the production for the time being.

This episode’s most impressive achievement is the emotional center it manages to tap into. I really can not believe they killed off Maggie – a character I was sure was going to be an integral part of the cast for a long time to come. I found her death to be highly affecting particularly due to the fantastic flashbacks we got of her trying to reconnect with her kids. It’s heartbreaking that she never did get to see them again but we at least got that powerful image of her saying goodbye to them in the past. Her death was just very ethereal and beautifully done.

In addition, Maggie’s death did wonders for Charlie as a character. Until now, she’d been nothing but a whiny brat (I loved Miles screaming at her to shut up) but here we got a glimpse of why she’s so damn annoying: she’s lost practically everyone who matters. I loved the little moment where she sobbed that everyone leaves her just as Maggie passed. Of course there’s still a lot of work to be done to make her likeable as a protagonist but we’re moving in the right direction. And now with Miles as her primary parent figure, she’ll undoubtedly become less irritating.

Finally, Elizabeth Mitchell continues to be underused but I’m nonetheless intrigued to find out her more about her involvement with the militia and why she gave up her family to be with Monroe. So many questions…

A welcome return to form that has me quite excited for next week’s outing.

Nad Rating


  1. I don't know, Nadim.
    But I can't get why the gang couldn't get rid of 3 dogs with all the bow and arrows and swords and knives between them.
    Especially after climbing the wire fence, they could've killed those attack dogs easily.
    And with the Danny bit, gosh, so lame.
    Knowing how this evil militia kills indiscriminately, you still opted to save him?
    For me, this is too much.
    Like I said, after two eps after the second one….
    Okay, let’s see if the next ep will seal my opinion. 🙂

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