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The Good Wife 4×03 – Two Girls One Code

"You've been paranoid for so long, you don't recognize when someone is on your side."


I don’t know what the writers are thinking but the Kalinda and Nick storyline has become an utter disaster. The omelet scene? Really? This subplot really is beyond embarrassing and I shudder to think what the writers have planned next for the couple. They really are sucking the life out of the show which is highly unfortunate.

The firm’s case of the week was however uniformly strong. Although I couldn’t keep track of much of the tech-talk (unlike this week’s hilarious guest judge), I was nonetheless extremely entertained by our crew constantly trying to one-up the ever resourceful Viola Walsh (especially with the whole college ownership debate).

As for Alicia’s personal life. I think we all saw the Peter affair thing coming since Eli never really stated specifically that the rumor was based on Alicia. Nevertheless, I am enjoying Alicia growing to love Peter again as Margulies and Noth do have a lot of chemistry together. Finally, it was great to see Miriam Shor as a nosy reporter as I became a big fan of the actress on the unjustly cancelled GCB last season. Let’s hope she continues meddling in the Florrick’s personal lives as that always invokes amusing reactions.

Another solid hour of The Good Wife. The Kalinda subplot however, has to go.

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  1. I agree with you completely on the Kalinda plot. She has always been such a strong character and to watch her behave like this undercuts everything that has happened in the past three seasons.

    OK — we know now why she is so guarded and so reserved. Great. Let's move on before this whole story devolves into something that will make me scream at the women writers and producers.

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