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The Walking Dead 3×01 – Seed

"Holy shit."


I know that The Walking Dead isn’t for everyone, but I freakin’ love this show. It’s dark, gritty, and just plain badass. Many people criticized it last year for spending too much time on Hershel’ farm and while I agree that slowed things down a bit, I still enjoyed both seasons of the show immensely.

Thankfully, the show is back in full force and it looks like this just might be it’s strongest year yet. This premiere wasted no time getting into the thick of things as we quickly saw our team (including Carl) make short work of a house full of Walkers. The action didn’t let up throughout the hour as we witnessed our gang engage in a number of encounters with Walkers that were incredibly satisfying and exceptionally gory. I don’t think anyone this year can say the show is skimping on the action. In addition, Hershel getting bit at the end was especially horrifying, but it was nothing compared to Rick brutally having to chop his leg off (after many tries no less). It’s harsh and sick moments such as these that makes this show so deliciously twisted.

Now I haven’t read the books that this show is based on, but apparently the prison is a very iconic setting from the original source material. I can definitely see why because it’s already extremely compelling and haunting as a location. I’m really looking forward to seeing our band of misfits settling in their new home and the troubles that it will undoubtedly bring.

Speaking of new additions, although we didn’t get to see much of katana-weilding warrior Michonne, I’m nevertheless intrigued by her tough-as-nails character and I’m so looking forward to seeing her interact with our main cast. As for Andrea, she better get well soon because she became one of my most favorite characters last year.

Thrilling and highly engrossing, this was a stunning premier. Bring on season three.

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