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The Vampire Diaries 4×02 – Memorial

"Because in the end when you lose somebody, every candle, every prayer is not going to make up for the fact that the only thing you have left is a hole in your life where that somebody you cared about used to be."


Wow. I can barely articulate how much I’m loving this season. It truly feels like a whole new era that’s going to take the show to the next level (if it was even possible for The Vampire Diaries to rock even more).

While the premiere took the expected route, this hour did a splendid job of really making Elena earn her transition. It was brutal, raw and just plain horrifying to watch. Can I just say that Vamp Elena has provided Nina Dobrev with the best material she’s ever been given on the show? I used to feel like she was the weakest link in the cast but she’s now seriously proven herself as a talented little actress. I can’t wait to see her play Vamp Elena and Katharine in the same episode and that’s a testament to how well she’s differentiated the two characters. Moreover, Elena’s transition has managed to breathe new life into the love triangle as it’s not just about choosing between two brothers anymore, but two wildly contrasting philosophies about “living”. It’s remarkably fascinating stuff that I can’t wait to see further explored throughout the year.

I’m also ecstatic that we’ve got a new big bad on board (for the time being at least) who unlike Klaus, is actually a threatening and menacing presence to have around. It’s so wonderfully convenient that he’s a vampire hunter when our protagonist is just completing her transition. The entire church sequence was beyond brilliant as it managed to juggle Elena’s cravings, Matt’s bloody sacrifice (beautifully concealed), a haunting score, and basically our entire cast in one little setting. And of course, Damon still managed to sneak in a number of epic one-liners. Outstanding.

And finally, the lantern memorial was an incredibly touching and moving sequence that did an amazing job of acknowledging the characters we’ve lost while tapping into the morbid concept of the new chapter in Elena’s life. It offered the cast an awesome opportunity to showcase their collective acting chops as well as providing a beautiful bookend to the hour. Superbly low-key for once.

Bits & Bites

–  The entire teaser was fantastic from the references to a bunny diet to Elena eating “Bambi” culminating int almost hot vampire sex and our heroine puking her guts out.

– Damon referring to himself as a germaphobe cracked me up.

– Elena throwing up copious amounts of blood in the bathroom was seriously traumatic to watch.

– Okay seriously, how many references to emotions being “heightened” are we going to get?

– The vampire hunter suddenly stabbing April shocked the hell out of me. God I love this show.

– Loved Caroline intercepting Elena and making her compel April. Their friendship has a wonderful new dynamic now.

– Intriguing moment as Jamie is the only one who sees the tattoo on the vampire hunter’s arm.

– Wonderful final monologue by Damon as Alaric replies with a single line: “I miss you too buddy.” Very poignant scene.

Vampy Zingers

Damon: If I was gonna kill 12 people, I wouldn’t blow them up. I’d have a dinner party.

Damon: (To Elena) Pick your meal. You’ve got Asian fusion, Mexican, and what about some good old American comfort food?
Damon: Am I wearing my “I blew up the town council” t-shirt?

Damon: We love visitors and the scenery is to die for… Oh, funeral pun. Too soon.

Damon: Little mid-service snack. Church always gets me hungry. You know, whole blood of Christ thing.

Damon: I’m gonna go rip his head off now.
Stefan: You do that Damon and you risk exposing all of us.
Damon: Well I think the risk will be slightly diminished when I, you know, rip his head off.

Elena: The worst day of loving someone is the day you lose them.

Must Download Tunes
Hurt by The Gods of Macho
How Can I Keep From Singing by St.Phillips Boy’s Choir
Ungodly Hour by The Fray

A stunningly layered hour of The Vampire Diaries. Phenomenal.

Nad rating 


  1. I agree with everything you said. It was a great episode, true to epic VD form.
    There's a few things that you missed, mainly the bathroom scene with Damon and Elena.while its weird that it has never been mentioned before (or done despite all the vamp sex we have seen). The one thing I'm getting sick of is the love triangle – I think they made her choose Stefan because had she chose Damon, no way could they have kept up the triangle as she has no chemistry with Stefan. It all seems uber staged.
    The Damon Alaric scene was very touching, and was a testament to how much Damon has evolved while staying true to his essence.
    As I mentioned before… Drinking game to every time someone says heightened! We freaking get it!

  2. Wow I totally forgot about the bathroom drinking scene. Very sensual and awesome (and slightly creepy with Damon enjoying it so much).
    And definitely on board with the drinking game!

  3. Brilliant lines in the church scene!
    “Coz if he shows his face, i'll kick his ass” – Caroline, in her sweetest, girliest voice ever. God she's hot.
    “321 bye!” – Damon.

    Also, anyone else envying the built-in bluetooth system they have? Who needs spy gear when you have super hearing and you can just whisper in a church!?

    This cast just pops when they're all in a scene together. The lanterns and the church scene were the highlight of the episode for me. I do have to admit that they could have chosen a better song instead of ungodly hour. And, like you nadim, i can't take my eyes off Nina Dobrev this season. She's doing such an amazing job. Amazing review Nad.

  4. Speaking of songs, how did you guys not spot the alias song? How can I keep from singing, 1×11, Sydney is going through a box of her moms stuff after she finds out she's KGB. Then goes to Vaughn and apologizes for her mom killing his dad. Then they hug <3

  5. Hahah I didn't miss it wedge. I immediately remembered it. In Alias they used the Enya version. This was by the choir and it was equally beautiful with Nina draining Matt.

  6. Note: Stefan is being super condescending. Just because he isn't able to control himself around blood, it doesn't mean Elena won't. And her humanity will not “kill” her – she's been directly responsible for so many people dying and she's still doing a-ok. Everyone blames Damon for being ruthless but the ripper is worse and has killed way more people than Damon ever has.

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