Scandal 2×03 – Hunting Season

"Her gut is broken."


Talk about creepy. This week’s case involving the NSA’s Thorngate program literally creeped the heck out of me, particularly because such invasions of privacy undoubtedly exist in our world today. Nevertheless, it provided Miss Olivia Pope with ample material for a pretty engrossing storyline (that is, when she’s not sucking face with The President of the United States).

I think this was the first episode of Scandal where I didn’t particularly enjoy the whole forbidden love angle. Fitz was just immensely unlikeable in this hour and I’m staring to realize that the writers are going to have to walk a very fine line where he’s concerned (especially since he has a wife that desperately wants to make things work). Speaking of Millie, this hour was marvelous for her as she got to show her softer side, and then completely unleash at the end as she threatened to become president herself one day. Is it wrong of me to hope that happens soon? The possibilities of her in the Oval Office are just endless.

Finally, I must say I quite liked the ending with Abby and David in bed together. I could totally see Abby becoming one of the show’s biggest antagonists especially with her animosity towards “Lyndsey” and her growing suspicions of Olivia. The seeds have been planted for a potential turn so I kind of hope they go there.

Scandalous Bits

– I’m glad Alyssa is back on the show. Her delivery of “bitches be crazy” to David was highly amusing.

– Fitz kissing Olivia in front of his security detail was quite the shocking moment. I was also intrigued by how aggressive he was as he tied her shoes. That Shonda is full of layers.

– Artie casually referring to Huck as “scary guy”. Ha!

– Although I still don’t like Quin, I enjoyed watching her snap at Abby in the bar.

– I really didn’t see the Artie twist coming.

– The dynamic between Huck and Olivia (especially his protectiveness of her) is slowly becoming one of my favorite aspects of the show.


Quinn: My story didn’t make any sense at first.
Abby: Still doesn’t.
Quinn: Everyone thought I was crazy.
Abby: Still do.

Another enjoyable and enthralling hour from a strong sophomore season.

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  1. I agree… I think they only kept the affair this long was because of the unbelievable chemistry between Fitz and Livy. While I abhor cheating, when you are stuck in a situation you cannot get out of, I understand why people resort to it. I don't think Fitz hates Millie – he does love her. But she, and the presidency are keeping him from the love of his life. Sometimes, when things get complicated in his term, he shuts off because the perks of being president and doting husband/father just aren't cutting it anymore.

  2. I like what you said about Millie and the presidency keeping Fitz from the love of his life. Sums it up quite well. I too see why cheating was “necessary” here, I just wish they didn't make him so unlikeable in this episode. I think they just didn't balance the line very well in this hour like they usually do!

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