Revenge 2×04 – Intuition

"When at a crossroads, my father was fond of saying "go with your gut... intuition always has our best interests at heart." 


My faith in Revenge has finally been restored after a rocky start. I really wasn’t loving the first half of this episode but the it looks like the writers finally know what they’re doing.

Actually, the real shift in the hour happened when Victoria revealed to Amanda that Kara tried to kill her daughter only for the latter to fall off the ledge. It’s just the kind of soapy moment the show had been missing this year and it really reinvigorated the show. Moreover, it further derailed Emily which was a delight to watch as we’re so used to seeing her in control of everything. Emily VanCamp was phenomenal here as she scattered and attempted to absorb the consequences of her actions particularly Amanda’s fall.

Speaking of the fall, I really loved Amanda getting hospitalized. If the show is smart, it would kill off the character (as she’s served her purpose) and keep the baby which would be a compelling little obstacle for Emily and Jack to eventually overcome. Not that I want Emily to ever settle with Jack as he’s blander than toast.

 I have to say that Revenge sometimes feels like the most uneven show on television. I don’t understand why the writers have to force certain characters into every episode when Emily’s quest is far more intriguing. From Declan and Mr. Ryan’s horrible subplot to Nolan’s budding (and boring) romance with Padma, the writers seem to love torturing us with dull plot-lines. I may be in the minority here but I’ve come to realize that I only enjoy a handful of characters on Revenge (Emily, Victoria, Daniel, Conrad and recently Charlotte) while the rest bore me to tears.

 Finally, the episode’s highlight for me was the fantastic sequence in which Emily stumbles onto Kara (by Amanda’s side) as she has an extremely disturbing flashback of her mother savagely trying to drown her in the ocean as a child. It’s quite the unsettling development that pushes the season into a horrifying new direction. The ending further strengthens this revelation’s impact by having Emily break down in Aiden’s arms. We’ve rarely seen her this vulnerable and it’s heartbreakingly magnificent.  

Vengeful Bits

– Emily having Amanda read her journals to Victoria was deliciously sneaky.

– Emily’s cleavage-y black dress: wow! I don’t think Emily VanCamp has ever looked this good since the show began.

– The mystery woman from The Initiative that Conrad met with didn’t strike me as particularly threatening.

– I could care less about Padma’s family. Groan worthy.

– I did not see Kara tranquilizing Aiden. Guess she’s not as helpless as we were lead to believe. I still wish they cast someone else other than Jennifer Jason Leigh in the role. But I’ll give her some time.

– Amanda bringing her stripper friends to Victoria’s party was definitely amusing. I just wish we got to see more Queen V interacting with them.

– I’m really glad that Daniel isn’t as moronic as he was last year as he figured out Ashely and Conrad’s secret arrangement. Actually he’s one of my favorites this year.

– Adored Emily losing the connection as she tried to eavesdrop on Victoria and Amanda culminating in the fantastic “your mother tried to kill you” reveal and Amanda falling off the ledge.

– So Jack might lose his precious bar? How thrilling.  

Devious Delights

Conrad: Is that worry I detect in your voice?
Victoria: Yes it is. Worry that will you will screw things up like everything else you lay your reptilian hands on.

Emily: Hi, sorry to interrupt.
Nolan: And here we were not even speaking of the devil.

Victoria: (To Amanda and her strippers) I see that you brought your…. people.

Although still extremely uneven, this was the strongest hour of Revenge so far particularly due to an exceptional second half.  

Nad Rating


  1. Yup. One more: “club… What club? Not bridge, I can tell you that”

    Though I enjoyed the whole mamma tried to kill our lovely protagonist bit, I fail to see the significance. Many people's moms are batshit crazy (excuse my French). It will be interesting to see how Emily deals with it.

    I do want to see some guilt that she was almost directly responsible for the poor girl's fall. All Amanda's ever been is loyal, at her own expense. Sure, maybe she shouldn't have gone for Jack, but it's not like Ems has dibs on him. They knew each other when they were like 7 – even Dawson and pacey didn't end up together (thank goodness).

    What else? Does this mean that Daniel now trusts Ashley golddigger

  2. Hahah I debated including the bridge line. It was more the delivery that was awesome!

    And the guilt is obviously starting to settle in. Emily looked petrified (although maybe she was just panicking that her plans were going to get postponed a bit thanks to the inconvenient fall)

    I seriously hope Daniel doesn't just trust Ashely now as that final sex scene lead us to believe. Let's hope he's not THAT dumb. And am I the only getting a vibe that Ashley and Conrad might be sleeping together? Many people suspect that online and the possiblity is beyond traumatizing!

  3. Best episode so far in this season and I guess we are finally getting rid of Amanda. I am glad Aiden is back in Emily's life and I really hope she doesn't end up with Jack, I mean the two have zero chemistry. Declan's story had a little twist but it is still not interesting at all and I am not sure why would anyone be interested in having Jack's bar, I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

  4. Good to know I'm not the only one who think she has absolutely no chemistry with Jack! I much prefer Emily with Aiden or Daniel! Sadly, I think Jack will be the ultimate love interest for her due to their shared childhood etc…

  5. I agree with the Emily-Aiden or Emily-Daniel team.
    With Daniel if he remains stuck to his backbone, though.
    As for FauxAmanda, like I said at Billie's site, no more dreams
    of her draping her tattered shorts legs on Grayson Manor furns. hahaha.

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