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The Walking Dead 3×02 – Sick

"He can't even walk. All we do is run."


I’ve become really obsessed with The Walking Dead this year. Of course I enjoyed the show’s first two seasons immensely, but this year feels like a whole other level of gritty awesomeness.

 I think just the fact that our survivors are now based in a very unsettling location (the prison) as opposed to a relatively safe environment (Hershel’s farm) makes the show disturbingly unpredictable. The new band of prisoners introduced in this hour proved to be quite the moral quandary for our gang, and I was so pleased to see Rick continue his path of steely resolve. My jaw literally dropped as he viciously slaughtered the group’s leader with a machete. Rick has become a fantastic lead this year and Andrew Lincoln has been steadily knocking quiet character beats and badass action moments out of the park every chance he gets. In addition to the above moment, I adored Rick trapping the other prison in the Walker courtyard. It just goes to show how much Rick has sacrificed in terms of his moral well being in order to protect his family and his group.

As for the rest of the episode, Maggie is also becoming one of my favorite characters. She really broke my heart as she cared for a dying Hershel who shockingly return to life at the end (after almost choking Laurie). Speaking of Laurie, the writers have also done a good job of salvaging her after pretty much assassinating the character last year. Her scene at the end with Rick was superb as he awkwardly praised her without making eye contact. I look forward to seeing their relationship continue its healing (or destruction) in further episodes.

And finally, Carol got something to do as she practiced giving a Walker a C-section (knowing full well that she’s Laurie’s only hope). This was an appropriately twisted development that fits the show well (and undeniably grossed me out in the process). I truly can’t wait to see what this show will pull off next.

A very solid follow-up to a stunning season premiere.

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