Last Resort

Last Resort 1×04 – Voluntold

"Please don't mistake my affection for you for weakness."


I’m really starting to lose interest in Last Resort. It doesn’t help that the ratings are terrible and the show probably won’t last the season. Maybe it’s a defense mechanism on my part because I don’t want to get attached to yet another show that gets cancelled before it can tell its whole story?

My main issue with the show is that I’m not really dying to see what happens next. Lost was set on an island and it kept us hooked, and Prison Break did the conspiracy angle much more effectively. Last Resort isn’t really offering anything new with either angle. The whole rogue gang against the world is the show’s freshest concept and yet it’s not running with it as much as it should. A lot of my faith in the show is still hanging on an astounding pilot which unfortunately the rest of the episodes have had trouble living up to.

The subplot I enjoyed most was undoubtedly Sam’s wife coming to terms with everything and being hounded by the press. I was definitely amused by her lashing out and attacking the crowd outside her home. It’s a pity though that the show’s most intriguing storyline doesn’t even take place on the island. Step it up show!

A bland and boring hour from a show that should be much more impressive at this stage.

Nad Rating


  1. Allo, Nads.
    Just dropped by to say… i'm quite done with this show.
    I can do more blogs than waste an hour more in watching this
    show and pitying the actors with the poor writing/storylines.
    Have a nice day, though. 🙂

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