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The Good Wife 4×04 – Don’t Haze Me Bro

"I think that puts the hate crime insanity to rest; no need to object I'll withdraw."


This was a good, solid hour of The Good Wife. There wasn’t anything particularly awesome (or horrible about it for that matter). It had a relatively interesting case of the week and some amusing splashes of humor coupled with the return of an old “favorite.”

I’m not entirely sure how I feel about Jackie. While she can be quite annoying – especially when she’s butting heads with Alicia – she was enjoyable here as she tried her best to aid Peter’s campaign to disastrous results. Although her seeing bugs everywhere was weird (a stroke side effect perhaps?), I was amused by her random speeches about Peter’s womanizing ways. And any subplot that puts Jackie and Eli in the each other’s crosshairs is fine with me.

I also have to commend this episode for being quite funny. Whether it was putting Carry and Alicia in the same office or that hilarious closeted gay judge, this hour definitely felt more comedic than usual (a highly welcome touch). Furthermore, I quite enjoyed Alicia’s short yet awkward scene with Maddie as the two had their drink date. It had a lot of layers to it and I’m still wondering where exactly this storyline is gong to go.

In addition, I’m glad Kalina is back to investigating because I could at least stand her again in this episode. The past few hours have not been good to the character as she was sidelined with the God-awful Nick arc. Let’s hope that doesn’t return soon (which it probably will).

And finally, I’m intrigued by the ending with the political blogger calling Eli and alerting him of the bombshell he’s about to drop. It’s an amusing mini-explosive moment to leave things hanging on.

While not particularly special, this was a very entertaining hour of The Good Wife.

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