Arrow 1×03 – Lone Gunmen

"Besides... who stays mad at a castaway?"


Although Arrow had a spectacular pilot a couple of weeks back, I wasn’t majorly impressed by the show’s second outing. In fact, I was quite disappointed. Thankfully, the show’s third episode was an undeniable improvement and did an adequate enough job of reaffirming the potential the show has.

First off, the love triangle between Oliver, Laurel and Tommy is proving to be one of my favorite parts of the show. I appreciated the fact that Ollie’s reaction to the affair was surprisingly realistic; after all he can’t really be mad at Laurel after what he did to her. In addition, I loved the final scene between Tommy and Laurel as the playboy vowed to be a better man for her. I like all three characters at the moment so I’m intrigued to see how this triangle is going to move forward.

I think what the show is missing most is a primary antagonist for Oliver to work against. This week Arrow introduced yet another DC villain-of-the-week (Deadshot) and I didn’t particularly like how he was handled. Much like China White last week, Deadshot felt like an underwhelming afterthought instead of the main focus. Moreover, he was disposed of much too easily so I’m wondering if the writers plan on bringing him back in some capacity and this was just a teaser of some sorts.

The ending however is filled with potential as Oliver reveals his true identity to Diggle. Honestly I’m glad the writers went there because our favorite bodyguard would have started to look like a real buffoon for not figuring it out sooner. Those final moments just have me really excited for the rest of the season.

 Bits & Arrows

– Seriously the voiceovers have got to go. They’re beyond horrible.

– Awesome sequence with Oliver scaling the building. I’m impressed by how much of his own stunts Stephen Amell actually does.

– Excellent and unexpected moment as Thea reveals Tommy and Laurel’s affair to Oliver.

– Laurel can kick ass? I really didn’t expect that. I guess the Black Canary arc might arrive sooner than we expect. Can’t say I’m not excited.

– It’s going to get tedious if all Detective Quentin does is try to track down Arrow every week.

– I didn’t get the Russian Bratva thing. I guess they’ll clear that up soon?

– Very touching scene between Thea and Moira as they finally got through to one another.

– Oliver hiding his Arrow costume in the trashcan made me smile.

– So who are the mystery men on the island? Hmm…

Starling Quips

Diggle: How was your evening sir?
Oliver: You mean after I had to go to the bathroom at dinner and never came back?
Diggle: I guess from now on, I’ll be watching you pee.

Moira: (To Thea) Last week it was public intoxication and this week it’s breaking and entering. My how we’re moving up the criminal world.

Oliver: I didn’t study Shakespeare at any of the four schools I dropped out of.

Oliver: Dig, you got yours eyes open?
Diggle: That’s what I’m here for sir. That and answering patronizing questions.

A definite improvement over last week’s episode but I’m expecting brilliance from Arrow soon.

Nad Rating


  1. A definite improvement over both the pilot and the 2nd episode. I wasn't very fond of either. I've seen average Smallville episodes feel and look better. This one definitely kicked up the game a notch but it has a long way to go. Thankfully, Ollie and Laurel are played by people who know what they're doing so i have faith in them.
    The show still feels unfocused though. It's too procedural and generic with the way it handles its villains. At least this week, the teaser was a bit original, but nothing to be commanded about. STEP IT UP. You can't get ratings higher than VD and be this boring.
    I'm giving it one more episode.

  2. Ah I didn't know you were watching! I actually thought the pilot was the strongest of the three by the way.
    The villains have really been an issue though. But I have a feeling the show will keep improving with every episode. It just has too much potential not to.

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