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The Vampire Diaries 4×03 – The Rager

"For future reference, one voice-mail is just as effective as nine."


If there’s one show that never seems to disappoint, it’s The Vampire Diaries. This episode was another wonderful installment from a season that’s shaping up to the show’s greatest yet.

The thing I’m most impressed by with regards to Elena’s transformation is how much life (pardon the irony) it’s breathing into other characters, particularly Stefan. Since he’s not ripping anymore, having Elena under his tutelage is definitely an exciting path for the character. And now that Damon has taken Elena under his wing as well, things can only get more chaotic and explosive.

Even Caroline is becoming interesting again after floundering about with Klaus and Tyler last year (two characters I really could care less about). By helping out Elena last episode and bonding with Stefan in this one, she’s retaining her lovable charm. I do hope they never turn Caroline and Stefan’s relationship into anything romantic-y though, as they’re more than satisfying with this platonic dynamic.

And finally, I’m extremely intrigued by Connor the vampire hunter’s backstory particularly with regards to what Klaus knows about “The Five”. The show really has to go all out if this looming threat on the horizon is the greatest evil so far. Nevertheless, I have faith in TVD’s mythology Gods.

Bits & Bites

– Utterly vicious opening as the vampire hunter Connor injects Tyler in the gums.

– I really enjoyed Elena secretly feeding on Matt. That useless peasant is finally useful. Is it wrong that I was kind of hoping Rebekah killing him wasn’t just a hallucination?

– I could care less about Haley (Tyler’s fling).

– Rebekah was quite detestable (and somehow awesome) in this hour. Stabbing Elena with the pencil,  wiping her face with blood in the bathroom, and throwing away the daylight ring,

– Jeremy’s a potential hunter? Big sis better watch out because that’s an arc ripe with potential.

– Loved Matt blaming his vampire bites on Rebekah instead of Elena. I guess he can be sneaky if he tries.

– Elena drinking beer upside down; I forget she’s still supposed to be a kid sometimes.

– One of the most beautiful and heartwarming moments ever: Elena standing up on the back of Stefan’s motorcycle. The joy on Nina Dobrev’s face is contagious.

– Awesome sex scene set to Alex Care’s “Too Close” which abruptly comes to a hold as Elena sees Damon instead of Stefan.

– Epic moment as Damon traps Connor with his own arrow-bomb mechanism. And of course Damon’s explosion dive was pretty Hollywood-movie like and awesome.

– April and Rebekah? Hmm… could be a fun duo.

Vampy Zingers

Damon: (To Stefan) Good day for a midlife crisis. 164 years, I think you’re due.

Damon: I’m gonna find him and I’m gonna eat him.

Caroline: (To Stefan) You should write a book. Go on “The View.”

Meredith: Tell me that’s not a bomb.
Damon: Okay it’s a kitten. An adorable, exploding kitten.
Meredith: Why didn’t you call your brother?
Damon: Because I’m proud and stubborn and oh look you’re already here!

Meredith: How did you get stuck on hunter duty?
Damon: Stefan had a physics test.

Carol: I can’t say I approve of your methods.
Damon: I’ll make a donation. You can name a wing after me mayor.

Jeremy: See? I told you I can be a badass.
Damon: Sshh. Badasses don’t say that.

Must Download Tunes
Hey Ho by The Lumineers
Don’t Say Oh Well by Grouplove
Too Close by Alex Care

Another gripping and exciting hour from an impressively-constructed season.

Nad Rating


  1. Quippy, Fast and just exhilarating at times. For a show about the undead, this is one heck of a celebration of life. I echo everything you said. Cannot disagree about a thing. Elena's motorcycle scene was just so organic and perfectly placed amid all the darkness around it. Even the shifting allegiances and the surprise kill-scenes (fake in this case) still shock the hell out of us and that's a true testament to how masterful this show is. Props on the continuity, Damon still remembered that he wants out of the town. You basically said everything else i wanted to say.

  2. It really was so quippy wasn't it? Just by the quote section you can see how practically every line Damon said in this hour was epic! Loved the exploding kitten one in particular!
    And so true about Elena's motorcycle scene. The darkness around it made that much more poignant and beautiful!

  3. Yup, agree with most. Ppl on te cyber sphere are excited about hayley because of the role she had on the secret circle.

    I also disagree about klaus. His character is full of contradictions. If you live 1000 years, wouldn't there be endless facets to your personality?

  4. I saw the pilot of Secret Circle last year and the actress really annoyed me.
    And the actor who plays Klaus is beyond irritating! I fail to see why they've kept him and Tyler around for so long.

  5. I like tylor.. loved this episode, esp the introduction of the 5, and why Elenas life has suddenly become valuable altho I'm assuming Klaus doesn't know tht Jamey is a potential hunter/1 of the 5
    I gotta say tho, the recurrent statement 'a greater evil is coming', very disappointing cliche, came right out of 'charmed' and every magical show tht ever existed

  6. hahaah Bahij that greater evil cliche is EVERYWHERE. I totally forgot to mention that point in my review as I thought about it too. Charmed, Buffy, and practically every other show with a battle between good and evil has used it. It really is so overused and I think its losing it's impact because they just use the threat again every season 😛

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