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Grey’s Anatomy 9×04 – I Saw Her Standing There

"Don't come crying to me when a man is bleeding out on your table just cause you think you bad."


A welcome change of pace from the recent tragedies that befell Seattle Grace, this was the wittiest hour of Grey’s Anatomy in quite a while. It’s just so reassuring to know that the show is still capable of producing such lighthearted and enjoyable episodes.

I was surprised at how horny our cast was in this one as the sex theme proved to be quite the engaging subject matter for the episode. From the filthy jokes to the dirty one-liners, a genuine sense of fun permeated throughout the hour. In addition, the dialogue really popped (as evident by the quotes section which I usually don’t bother writing for the show). Practically every line brought a smile to my face which is a rare occurrence on Grey’s these days.

The highlight of the hour for me was Christina’s budding friendship with Dr. Thomas. I never expected their dynamic to be so entertaining but it was just immensely charming to watch her get so protective of him. Their heartwarming scene at the end as they went out for a drink was just the perfect bookend to this unexpected camaraderie.

Finally, Arizona and Callie began their healing process and I quite loved the former finally standing up and telling David how to improve her prosthetic as she held back tears. I’m intrigued to see Arizona’s journey to recovery unfold as she hopefully regains her inner joy.

Bits & Scalpels

– The inflamed testicles really shocked the hell out of me. Is that even possible? I literally cringed.

– Christina referring to Dr. Thomas as her “bestie” cracked me up.

– Very amusing interplay between Meredith and Bailey over the surgery. Ellen played it beautifully.

– Hilarious scene as Catherine jokes about April’s virginity (without knowing who she lost it too).

– Loved Callie bonding with Hunt over their miserable lives (and his horrible tie).

– The “security professional” sobbing and running out of the hospital was funny but a bit too unbelievable.

Grey Banter

Avery: (after sex) I’m gonna get some coffee
April: I’m gonna go pray.

Meredith: Just stop having sex with him,
Christina: I am trying to fit in. I live here now. I have to just… adapt. So I’m making friends.
Meredith: But you don’t even like him.
Christina: Who says I have to like him? He’s my sex friend.
Meredith: Ew. What about the ancient guy?
Christina: You want me to be sex friends with the ancient guy?
Meredith: No I want you to be regular friends with ancient and stop having sex friends in general.

Meredith: This is a cry for help.
Christina: It’s a cry for an orgasm.
Meredith: And how’s that working out?
Christina: Meh.

Dr. Thomas: Don’t mistake Dr. Yang’s disrespect for a sense of humor. She hasn’t got one.
Christina: Oh no I respect you. You’re a historical landmark. Like the grand canyon. Only older. Just a smidge.

Intern: Boom.
Derek: That’s arterial blood. He’s bleeding to death.
Intern: So not boom?
Derek: Not boom.

Catherine: (To April) You need to get l-a-i-d.

Catherine: Look at me. I am having the best sex I have had in years. And it’s just opened me up like a flower blossoming towards the sun.
April: Powerful image.

Meredith: I used to love it when you stood behind me and whispered instructions into my ear.
Derek: I can’t do that with all the kids.

Callie: White wine.
Bartender: What kind?
Callie: The big kind.

Christina: (To Dr. Thomas) Mortality is breathing down your neck and you’re running from the future like a scared little chicken.

Christina: I know I was surprised too. I was like “whoa, what a surprise!”.

Dr. Thomas: I’ve used it before.
Christina: Really? Was that before or after you learned to use sheep’s blood to lift a witch’s curse.

Meredith: Because when you know who are you, it’s easier to know what you’re about. And ultimately, what you really need.

Must Download Tunes
I’ll Never Forget You by Birdy
Home by Daughter

Hilarious and thoroughly charming, this was Grey’s Anatomy at its comedic best.

 Nad Rating


  1. Said it all 🙂
    I'd just like to add that i'm loving Callie and Owen's new dynamic. They just pop right off the screen when they're together. It also helps that they're probably the MVPs now in my opinion in Lexie and Teddy's absence.

  2. Yes seriously awesome dynamic. Hopefully Shonda doesn't slaughter them next because you never know with that loveable nutcase 🙂

  3. Loved this episode! Meredith and Bailey's scene and Christina's whole friendship with Dr. Feeney were the best parts. Also Bailey's one-liners during the surgery were hilarious especially with all the tension in the room. I like the new prosthetics doctor.

    Christina: I know I was surprised too. I was like “whoa, what a surprise!”. — This cracked me up!!

    The soundtracks for this season so far are beyond amazing! (Especially those for Episode 1)

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