Scandal 2×04 – Beltway Unbuckled

"Nice to meet you whiskey, I'm cocaine."


Scandal’s second season is an excellent example of how to treat a show during its sophomore year. You take everything that worked last year, and you make it better – you raises the stakes and complicate the dynamics while making sure your characters evolve in the process.

Olivia and Verna the supreme judge have an unexpectedly fascinating relationship. I love that the latter is undergoing chemo and our heroine is trying her best to be there for her (whilst juggling DC’s political landscape in the process). Verna is obviously the only one who truly understands Liv so it’s nice to see a friendship between two headstrong women where both are equals (unlike Liv’s other relationships where she’s almost always the dominant force).

Mellie on the other hand is starting to grate on my nerves. I particularly hated her condescending “women in Kurdistan” speech to Olivia. I don’t know if it’s the way the character is written or the way she’s being played but something about her is starting to come off as a bit forced. It didn’t dilute my love for this excellent hour, but I can see her becoming quite irritating in the near future.

And finally, the scene’s revelatory sequence with the conspiracy players coming together was beyond breathtaking. Bringing together Doyle, Verna, Cyrus, Mellie and Olivia was just a spectacular little moment that singlehandedly elevated the show to a whole other level. I truly can’t wait to learn more and see where that naughty little Shonda takes us next.  

Scandalous Bits

– Mellie’s line about Fitz’s erection really shocked me! Seriously.

 -Beautiful break-up scene (although it obviously won’t last) and Kerry Washington was magnificent with her breakdown. I really am rooting for Fitz and Liv.

– Did Huck kill the diplomat? Psycho much?

– Much like Mellie, I’m starting to have mixed feelings about Abby. She’s turning on Liv a bit too quickly for my liking this year. Were there hints of this mutiny last season?


Mellie: Tell them that I don’t want to spend my nights sleeping next to a man who gets erections in his sleep dreaming of Olivia Pope.

Verna: Why isn’t that phone of yours ringing or buzzing or dinging or whatever it is blueberries do?

Fitz: The woman’s a political genius.
Cyrus: Which one? Mellie or Liv?

Fitz: I’m the leader of the free world, I’m arguably the most powerful man on the planet and I am being brought to my knees by my wife and my… Olivia Pope.

Verna: Liv I’ve see you two together. You breathe in sync.

Cyrus: The women in your life play a very mean game of political chess.

Abby: I’m just saying I have cookies. “Delicious you’ll be my slave when you eat them” cookies.

Fitz: I’m going to the G8 tonight. Wanna hitch a ride on Air Force One?

Fitz: (To Olivia) You must really hate me for falling in love with you.  

Beautifully written, this was a superb hour of Scandal.  

Nad Rating


  1. Harrison is the most useless character so far this season. The same goes for Quinn starting episode 3. Huck is annoying and disturbing as usual.
    I really love Millie… such a strong and charismatic woman.
    I still don't get the dynamics between Fitz and Olivia. Olivia is starting to annoy me this season. She is secretive and moody; not so close to the heart as season 1.
    I agree with your previous review about Abby and David. Abby being an antagonist will certainly bring a new twist.
    Looking forward to the supposed cover up concerning the explosion. I really hope we don't have to wait till the season finale to know the entire story.

  2. Harrison and Quinn are SO freaking useless. Seriously I'm glad I'm not the only one!
    And at the rate this show is moving, I have a feeling we'll be getting answers very soon 🙂

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