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The Walking Dead 3×03 – Walk With Me

"Go put a merciful end to that young man's days."


After the vicious brutality of season’s two opening hours, this hour proved to be a more low-key hour of The Walking Dead. While it did a good enough job of setting up the season’s core narrative, it wasn’t exactly the most thrilling episode.

The Governor is an interesting addition to the cast. David Morrissey exudes an inherent charm and a quiet menace that fits the role perfectly, and I look forward to seeing where he takes the character next (the final sequence with the zombie room was an interesting route to go on). Now I haven’t read the comics that the show is based on, but The Governor is apparently quite the sadistic antagonist so I’m curious to see if they tone him down or all that evil is simply bubbling beneath the surface.

I also enjoyed the added focus on Michonne although we didn’t really learn anything about her besides the fact that her zombie pets were obviously people who meant something to her in the past. I’m eager to see her uncover Woodbury’s true nature and cause some real damage with that badass katana of hers.

And finally, Merle’s return definitely wasn’t as annoying as I thought it would be. He was extremely unlikeable during the show’s first season but they obviously (and wisely) decided to tone him down which does the character a world of good. It’s no fun when characters don’t have layers and I was intrigued by the fact that he seemed genuinely concerned for Andrea and sorry for the loss of her sister. Of course, I doubt he’s going to remain very sane in the near future.

Not terribly exciting, this was still a pretty well-constructed hour of The Walking Dead.

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