Arrow 1×04 – An Innocent Man

"If it's not gonna be the courts, and it's not gonna be the cops, it's gonna be me."


After an excellent pilot but two rocky outings, Arrow shifted gears and restored my faith with a highly entertaining and compelling hour.

Bringing Diggle on board was just the move the show was looking for. I absolutely love Diggle and Oliver’s dynamic and it’s formed the core of the show as far as I’m concerned. Their contrasting views on justice is an aspect I’d really like to see explored going forward. And with Oliver atoning for his father’s sins as a through-line for the show, it’s reassuring to know that Diggle will play the conscience so Queen doesn’t turn into a “thing”.

Laurel also got a lot to do week which is great as I’m a huge fan of Katie Cassidy. I quite enjoyed her rooftop meetings with Arrow and the growing divide between herself and her father. I loved the moment where he realized he couldn’t really trust her anymore and she made it clear that she didn’t think he was doing a good enough job as a detective. Their relationship is only going to get complicated from here on out.

Unfortunately, I’m starting to get worried that many of the show’s primary flaws have yet to be fixed. I know it’s still quite early in the show’s run but the corny dialogue is already grating on my nerves. I know not every show hits the ground running but they better step it up in that department soon.

I do have to mention that the episode was elevated into a whole other level during the prison riot sequence. I loved Laurel running for her life as Oliver saved her and she witnessed his brutality firsthand. It also looked like she recognized him for a moment. Speaking of Oliver’s identity, I’m glad it’s not staying a secret for long as Quentin had him arrested in the episode’s final moments in a development that thankfully wasn’t dragged out until the end of the season.

Bits & Arrows

– Funny little moment as Oliver zooms past his new bodyguard on a motorcycle and ditches him.

– I appreciated the writers showing us that Oliver changes his voice when talking to Laurel but the hiding in the darkness thing to shield his face is going to get old fast. I guess we just have to accept this superhero cliche.

– Fantastic scene between Oliver and Diggle in the coffee-shop as they discuss his vigilantism.

– Miss Smoke is hilarious, immediately assuming she’s been fired.

– Bird murder – the source of vigilantism. Ha!

– Thea didn’t have much to do in this but she was cute nonetheless.

– So who is the man Moira met with in the end and what’s up with “the list”? I have to say I’m finally interested in her storyline. (Although the fact that she had hidden the whole frickin’ boat was pretty out there).

Starling Quips

Diggle: (to Oliver) Please, you were born with a platinum spoon in your mouth Queen. You spend five years on an island with no room service and suddenly you found religion?

Although there are still some kinks to be ironed out, this was definitely the strongest episode since the pilot.

Nad Rating


  1. Yep.
    Enjoyed this ep, too.
    Love Digs and Ms. Techie. 🙂
    Hope we'll have more scenes with her.
    I'm eager to see where the writers will go in “revealing”
    Ollie's vigilante persona.
    Have a great weekend, Nadim.

  2. I spend my time rolling my eyes at some of the lines. Seriously? That bit Laurel uttered about Ollie and justice was so corny, i've seen better written comic books.
    Is it sad that i can see Ollie's way out coming a mile away? He wants to bet that Dig wearing the green outfit will make an appearance and thus exonerate Ollie?
    Berlanti i'm used to faster writing from you, step on it.

  3. Wow Dig wearing the Arrow costume is genius I actually never even considered it! We shall see, but if you're right… well done mario, well done!

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