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The Vampire Diaries 4×04 – The Five

"Some secrets are stronger than family."


Every season need a couple of transitional episodes to rearrange to chess pieces and set things in motion. This was one such episode of The Vampire Diaries. It wasn’t a bad hour – far from it – but it also wasn’t terribly exciting.

I’m quite unsure how I feel about the whole “cure” reveal. Honestly I kind of wish they didn’t go there because it sort of dilutes the extremely brave decision to turn Elena into a vampire. Hopefully it’s just a red herring and the writers just want to dangle that hope in front of our heroine. It just sort of feels like a huge mythology retcon to me. However, I have faith in the show’s incredible writers so I’m willing to to give the arc a chance.

The season’s highlight continues to be Elena’s transformation and this hour was no different. I loved the focus on her trying to feed under Damon’s tutelage while trying to maintain her identity. The fact that she ultimately chose to feed on a sleazy guy who was trying to roofie a girl spoke volumes for what kind of person Elena is.

Bonnie however continues to be a stick-in-the-mud and I really hope she gets something juicy to chew on soon. Perhaps turn her into the season’s big bad? I really thought that’s where we were headed to with her recent dark magic immersion.

Bits & Bites

– Hunter defense class with Stefan, Elena and the arrow was fun.

– Loved Damon rolling his eyes when Elena found the teacher hot. I have a feeling that was an unscripted touch by Ian.

– Stefan moderating Klaus and Rebekah’s dinner was hilarious.

– Elena dancing all bloody with “Feel So Close” playing was pretty darn cool. Nina Dobrev look bloody gorgeous (pardon the pun).

– Seriously, the vamp didn’t realize Connor bit off his piercing?

– Excellent speech by Stefan over wanting to die human with Elena. Paul Wesley really surprises me sometimes.

– Why couldn’t Rebekah stab Klaus instead of the other way around? I much prefer watching Claire Holt on my screen.

– So Connor is working with Professor Witch? I should care more…

Vampy Zingers

Damon: She needs to learn snatch-eat-erase now more than ever.

Bonnie: You went to college?
Damon: Always had a thing for sorority girls.
Bonnie: You’re disgusting.
Damon: I know.

Damon: Everybody is someone’s uncle or father or camp counselor or bible study teacher. Elena, you don’t know these people.

Bonnie: What’s going on?
Damon: Nothing. Elena is educating me on the importance of feelings.

Damon: So what should we go as? Victims or killers?

Klaus: You can’t be trusted little sister. You’d be blabbing this secret to the first little boy who calls you pretty.

Not the most thrilling hour, but an intriguing transitional episode nonetheless.

Nad Rating


  1. This wee's MVP has to be Claire Holt. She radiated off the screen in every scene. I'm not a huge Rebekah fan, but this week i kinda wished she'd stick around some more.
    The lack of Caroline was painfully obvious this week. Flashback-happy episodes like this usually mean half the cast would be off, but still it was a necessary transition as you said. And i guess now we know what's gonna break up Stefan and Elena.
    Nad i agree that they're just gonna dangle the cure in front of her only to have her reject it. If i had to take a guess i'd say they're gonna play out the cure storyline til mid season, have klaus die for good in his attempt to turn Elena human til we can kick off the big bad storyline for real.

  2. This episode frustrated me first, but I realize that it was necessary. I have a few theories:
    My theories:
    Jeremy will want to become a hunter to find the cure for his sister. This likely happens because they will kill the hunter in the next episode.
    The synopsis of the next 2 episodes suggest that elena will have hallucinations. I think they will involve damon – a theory is that her body want to turn of the humanity switch to be with damon (cause then she's feel no guilt for leaving stephan) and that's why it's hard for her to feed without getting carried away. She might hurt someone and then realize that she needs to come to terms with her feelings for damon in real life so that she doesnt lose her humanity..

    And badaboom, we are back in the triangle when shes still in love with both. We make have a hallucination kissing scene with damon.

  3. Hahahaha that is some fine detail oriented analysis there wedges. Too bad nadim is gonna chop u to pieces for bringing spoilers here. alert the jabal people we are about to have a bloodbath on our hands!

  4. Allo, Nadim.
    Posted some blah at Billie's about this, too.
    I'm a bit disappointed with the recycling of character arcs.
    Hope they stop this and go ahead and kill-off characters that
    are becoming bores. 🙂

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