Last Resort

Last Resort 1×05 – Skeleton Crew

"People it's a party and we just became the pinata"


I was this close to giving up on Last Resort. However, Much like this week’s episode of Revolution (and yes I realize I keep comparing these two rookie shows but I can’t help it), this hour was a return to form and the most impressive since the pilot.

It’s funny when a show just clicks out of nowhere but this really was an incredible hour that really restored my faith in the show (however it’s unlikely going to last due to the horrid ratings which is unfortunate). The episode was elevated to another level the moment Grace’s father (the Admiral) suddenly snapped and shot The Secretary of Defense and his advisory. It was harrowing moment that literally made my jaw drop for the first time in the longest time. I’m now effectively more invested in the show than I’ve ever been.

Grace was also a highlight as she commanded the sub to safety under duress while balancing a million different factors including nagging Sophie and an almost-dying King. I was also glad to see that Prosser finally accepted Grace (for now) as his schtick was going to get old fast. Speaking of King, I even liked his final kiss with Tani. Looks like there’s still hope for this couple yet.

And finally, I’m intrigued to see Sinclair working with Sam’s wife to uncover the conspiracy. That’s an awesome, dedicated duo and I’m sure these two women are going causing trouble and raising hell soon (particularly with the media at their fingerprints)

A fantastic hour that’s equal parts thrilling and compelling.

Nad Rating


  1. Allo, Nadim.
    I was expecting this ep to seal my “i'm not watching this crap anymore” as I said 2 eps ago.
    This ep though was surprisingly did a 180 turn-around for me.
    I guess the writers' holiday is over. hahaha.
    Let's see what the next 2 eps will bring.
    I think this show will only last for a season.
    Won't the president of the us of a let this thing drag that long?
    I think Grace's dad will be let off the hook because remember, the Secretary is in on the false order to fire at Pakistan?
    This is aside of course with the media darlings (Sinclair and Sam's wife) influence that might help in the deal making. ๐Ÿ™‚

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