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Restaurant – L’oca Matta

Appearances can be deceiving. 

I don’t usually resort to cliches but the above statement could not be more appropriate where L’oca Matta is concerned.

The venue itself is admittedly gorgeous: an old renovated house with impeccable lighting and stunning architecture. I was literally amazed by the utter beauty of the locale, particularly the outdoor courtyard area where our table of six was situated. However, while the night was off to a great start, dining at L’oca Matta proved to be a memorable experience for all the wrong reasons.

The food was simply below average. The salads were unremarkable, the bresaola topped with a bizarre blend of parmesan and garlic, and the sea-bass risotto highly disappointing. Even the ravioli au cepes (which we were all excited to devour) was chewy and tedious to get through. The only bright spot was the lasagna, and really who could mess that up?

As we were contemplating dessert, a cat wondered into the courtyard which triggered my friend’s phobia. I bring up this event because the owner stopped by our table at that moment to check on us and once my traumatized friend asked him if he could perhaps shoo the cat away, he laughed in her face, completely insensitive to her plight. Now I’m the biggest cat lover around and even I was shocked at his extremely unlikeable reaction. Suffice to say, his complete disregard for her feelings had us forgoing any dessert and rushing for the door.

It’s a pity really; L’oca Matta is an incredible looking place, but with unmemorable food (and inconsiderate service) I doubt I’d ever find myself dropping by again.

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  1. I actually had a great time at that place. The food was amazing and the waiters very friendly! I'm surprised you didn't like it…

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