Revolution 1×06 – Sex And Drugs

"They have a problem with heroin. Can you believe that?"


Finally, I’m on board with Revolution for the long run (or at least the season). This was a superb episode and the strongest hour since the pilot.

The strength of this hour was how well it blended genuine suspense with real emotion through two intriguing subplots. On one hand, Charlie’s undercover mission as a prostitute proved to be highly compelling (and for once she wasn’t annoying), while Aaron’s flashbacks displayed valuable insights into what makes him tick. The fact that he actually ditched his wife after the blackout because he was sure he couldn’t protect her was just heartbreaking and pathetic. And it also made his eventual heroic gesture in saving Nora by shooting Drexel all the more satisfying.

Speaking of Drexel, he was quite the despicable yet enjoyable villain. It’s too bad they killed him because he perfectly embodies the corruption that befalls a world with no power. The moment in which he punched Charlie across the face was brutal and shocking.

And finally, the ending was incredible with Danny finally being reunited with Rachel. Elizabeth Mitchell of course knocked this tiny scene out of the park and I look forward to seeing their dynamic from here on out.

I’m finally invested in the characters and mythology. This episode was simply outstanding.

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