The Good Wife

The Good Wife 4×05 – Waiting For The Knock

"There's no better babysitter for a kingpin than the state's attorney's wife."


I’ve always found Lemond Bishop to be one of The Good Wife‘s most fascinating recurring characters (and that’s saying a lot considering the elite rooster than usually pops up on the show).

This hour did a pretty good job of making us sympathize with a character capable of heinous crimes. Lemond’s relationship with his son was particularly touching and I liked the fact that Alicia did her best to make it easier on them both.

As for Peter’s campaign, I’m intrigued by Maddie suddenly decided to cut her support. Could she potentially decide to run for office herself or is she backing a surprise female candidate? And to top it all off, she still wants to be friends with Alicia which is bound to be entertaining. Supposed to say, I’m definitely enjoying her addition to the show.

As always, Kalinda continues to be the weak link with her atrocious Nick subplot. Thankfully, the creators of the show have admitted to the failure of the storyline so it’s not going to last for long (hallelujah).

All in all, a very strong hour of The Good Wife.

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