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The Walking Dead 3×04 – Killer Within

"You are going to beat this world; I know you will."


I think that was the single most horrifying hour of television I’ve ever had to sit through (and I’ve watched a lot of TV over the last decade). It was unsettling, harrowing, and admittedly fantastic.

I still can’t believe that the show went there and killed off Lori. Strangely enough, it feels like a fitting end to her character arc. Sarah Wayne Callies was beyond spectacular and knocked this hour out of the park. The entire sequence with Maggie cutting her open and Lori’s painful speech culminating with Carl taking the shot was immensely disturbing to watch. I was literally questioning myself and wondering why I was putting myself through something that felt so raw, brutal and horrifyingly real. But then I realized that this hour is the perfect example of what truly masterful television can accomplish; invoking a genuine and very human reaction from its viewers which is absolutely what it did for me.

The cherry on top of Lori’s horrible ordeal was the bone-chilling sequence that bookended the episode as Rick realized what had happened and breake down on the ground as his son bravely stood tall. It’s an immediately iconic image and one that will remain engraved in my mind for a long time to come. The scene is also remarkable for single-handedly showcasing Andrew Lincoln’s surprisingly incredible talent. I can’t wait to see how he’ll deal with the aftermath of this event.

In other news, T-Dog died (not that anybody cared) and Andrea made flirty eyes at The Governor who I have a feeling is going to start reciprocating her and Michonne with a whole lot of violence. However, with all the Lori stuff, the rest of the hour paled in comparison and prevented the episode from being truly perfect.

I think it’s only fitting that for once, I end a review with Lori’s haunting and moving monologue to Carl:

“You are going to beat this world, I know you will. You gotta do what’s right baby. Promise you’ll always do what’s right. It’s so easy to do the wrong thing in this world.So if it feels wrong, don’t do it alright? If it feels easy, don’t do it. Don’t let the world spoil you.”

RIP Lori. You will be somewhat missed… I think.

A haunting and brutally poignant masterpiece. I just don’t think I’ll ever be able to watch it again.

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  1. I'm back to binging this and holy craaaapp I can't believe they killed off Lori!!! My goodness that entire birthing scene was just so gruesome and horrifying. What a performance (reminded me of Jennifer Garner on Alias giving birth).

    Can't say I'm too sad she's gone but it's a ballsy move!! Excited to see where things go next. Good thing I have these reviews to keep me company 😀

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