Arrow 1×05 – Damaged

"If any member of my family gets so much as a paper cut, I will burn your entire world to ashes."


Slowly but surely, Arrow is cementing itself as a confident production that knows exactly what it’s doing. Sure the voiceover still grates, but the show moves fast (a la The Vampire Diaries) which is always a plus in my book. I have a feeling that by the end of this season, the show will have evolved into a completely different beast (and that’s a great thing).

First off, I loved the revelation that Oliver knew he would be arrested. It was a wonderful writing development that gained a lot of audience goodwill (because it really wouldn’t have made sense for him to fly under the radar for so long). Now that the writers have it out of the way, we can get back to enjoying Oliver’s double life.

Laurel defending Oliver during his case was also awesome. Katie and Stephen got some great material to work with and I’m really rooting for their relationship to succeed. The “why don’t you hate me scene” in particular was beautiful and the highlight of the episode for me. I loved how she asked to see his scars culminating in the kiss and her rushing off. Both Cassidy and Amell tapped into some really touching moments here and I’m eager to see their dynamic develop.

This episode also saw the introduction of Deathstroke (whose name is much too similar to Deadshot from two episodes ago). Nevertheless, he’s the most successful and intriguing DC villain so far. Menacing and sadistic, I can’t wait to see more of the guy (and his look is pretty badass).

Finally, the Moira subplot became much more compelling as she drove Walter away and threatened her evil partner in crime in a bid to protect her family. It’s nice to know she has a conscience and that she’s not a full-on antagonist.

Bits & Arrows

– Rabbit murder; not cool! As for the horrid CGI? Made it even worse.

– I really want to know why Deathstroke and those mercenaries want Ollie’s mentor.

– Incredible interrogation scene with Deathstroke brutally torturing Oliver who finally apologizes to Quentin in the present for killing his daughter.

-Diggle was funny in this one. First exploring Oliver’s safe-house and then playing the Arrow part.

– The best fight scene of the show so far: Deathstroke and Ollie’s mentor on the island. No quick cuts, no jarring edits. Just one long easy-to-follow fight.

– Ollie’s fight with the waiter was also thrilling. Although cut short by Quentin saving him.

– Diggle doing the voiceover at the end was much better than the cheesy Oliver one in the beginning. Hopefully this will be the case for good.

– So is Laurel’s dad a recovering alcoholic or something? I liked their little moment as she helped him out of the bar.

– Outstanding final action sequence with all the acrobatics as Oliver subdues the thugs.

Starling Quips

Laurel: There’s no way you’re this vigilante.
Oliver: I agree.
Laurel: Because he’s actually trying to make a difference. We both know that’s not your style.

Moira: I’m truly sorry for what’s happened to your family Quentin. But would you kindly get the hell out of my house!

Gripping and surprisingly moving, this was a brilliant hour of Arrow.

Nad Rating

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  1. Laurel: There's no way you're this vigilante.
    Oliver: I agree.
    Laurel: Because he's actually trying to make a difference. We both know that's not your style.

    Ollie has just been socked in the gut by Laurel. 🙂

    I enjoyed the fight scenes, too.

    Nice review, Nadim.

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