Nikita 3×04 – Consequences

"Death is the last step of her journey."


Oh Amanda how I’ve missed you so. If this ends up being Nikita‘s final season, I couldn’t imagine a more perfect Big Bad for the show to really go out with a bang.

From using a body to launch a bio-weapon inside Division to that brilliant video message, Amanda really infused this season with some spectacular momentum. Melinda Clarke stole the show and she’s just outstanding in her portrayal of our favorite psychopath who is capable of literally anything. The show really needs Amanda, and I can’t wait to see what plot she hatches next.

I’m unsure how I feel about the writing decision to have Alex back on drugs. From a character standpoint, it makes a lot of sense given Alex’s past and all the hell she’s been through over the past few years. However, from an entertainment perspective, it might get grating to have her secretly pop pills as the rest of Team Nikita obliviously carry on with their lives. Hopefully, this will be addressed in the next episode and my worries will have been for naught.

I was also glad to have Owen back. He’s always had a unique history with Nikita and I look forward to seeing him become part of the team full time. The fact that Amanda did something to his memories gives the character an intriguing goal although I do wonder how Sean fits into the team now. There just isn’t much time to give all the characters their due and he already hasn’t been very notable this season. Nevertheless, I have faith in Nikita‘s fantastic writers.

And finally, true to form like the past two seasons, the ending was dripping with ominous overtones as Amanda launches a new plan in a bid to “teach Nikita” some more. It’s a seriously sinister scene coupled with one heck of a haunting musical score. The fact that Amanda is rifling through personal pictures of Nikita and her family (particularly Michael) makes it all the more terrifying. The stakes are personal and we love the gang so much that it feels like a frickin’ horror movie with Amanda’s vengeful final look. Incredible.

Bits & Bullets 

– Badass moment as Anne shoots the guard through the head and Owen’s face gets splattered with blood.

– Double date on a New York rooftop with our four spies? Awww. If only Sean wasn’t an ass!

– Epic Amanda entrance, and with a haircut no less. Although I definitely prefer the old look, she definitely exudes an even more threatening vibe this way.

– I like Anne. She’s tough and she fits as Amanda’s lackey.

– Amazing moment as Sean kisses Alex (after berating her for staying at Division).

– The attack on Amanda and Ari’s mansion was excellent. From Alex’s brutal knockdown fight (which she thankfully barely won) to Owen getting stabbed after Amanda’s mind-games. Truly gripping all throughout.

– So Amanda has a mole inside Division? Maybe Owen is transmitting info in some way thanks to his brain surgery?

Nikki Notables

Sean: Honey why haven’t you shot me yet?
Alex: Keep talking.

Owen: You’ve been busy: Percy, Amanda, Ari. You’ve checked a lot of people off your to-do list while I was gone.
Nikita: I got a haircut too.

Ari: That’s why you went into the field. You wanted to make sure your human bio-weapon would end up on Nikita’s doorstep.
Amanda: Some thing can’t be delegated.

Birkhoff: (to Sonya) Yes that’s my girl… uh excellent professional colleague.

Ryan: Amanda is fond of fairytales. Operation black-forest
Nikita: Let’s burn the witch’s house down.

Birkhoff: (to Nikita) If you do see Amanda, you might want to avoid eye contact. Maybe you won’t turn to stone, but why risk it?

Amanda: Death is the last step of her journey.
Anne: Her journey?
Amanda: Oh I’m not done teaching her Anne. I am not done teaching her.

A riveting and tantalizing episode of Nikita. Well done show.

Nad Rating


  1. Allo, Nadim.
    I agree with you; this is a good ep.
    I think Sean will be the next episode's casualty in Nikki's family.
    He's beginning to be a jerk.
    I also think he is the mole. 😉
    Then because Sean is gone, Alex has an excuse to go theeeeerrre in the drugstore; thus, Nikki, the strong Mama will clean her up and pull her together…. again.
    Well, can't think of more blah than that for now. Tired…. 🙂

  2. i also believe that sean is the mole. i do not believe that he has forgiven nikita for how his mother was killed! also,he really does not have a role within division.i do believe that amanda will kill ari,and that sean will be the next to go. you know how craig silverstein likes to clean house!

  3. Wow, wow, wow. One of my favorite episodes so far (a part of me thinks I'm gonna be saying that a lot this season)! This one focused on so many of my favorite characters, that I couldn't not love it.

    Seeing Owen and Amanda back made me literally cheer. The music is absolutely chilling on this show, from Sean kissing Alex and telling her to leave Division, to that riveting final sequence where Amanda says she's not done teaching Nikita – as we find out that she's been stalking her for a long time now. Wow.

    I don't know how I feel about there being a mole inside Division again. I definitely feel that it could be Owen, thanks to whatever brain surgery Amanda might've performed on him.

    And I loved that rooftop dinner scene between Nikki, Alex, Michael and Sean. Such a realistic scene because it could've easily been soapy but Sean acting like an ass (realistically-so) made it more fun to watch.

    I love the theme this season with no one really knowing what to do next and where to go after Percy's been killed and Division still unsure if it's fighting the good fight or not. Really adds a lot of layers to the show and develops these characters further. Can't wait to see where this all leads.

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