Scandal 2×05 – All Roads Lead To Fitz

"You haven't lived life until you've banged a governor's wife on Macasser avenue flooring."


Good God this was magnificent. This twisty turny hour of Scandal was an stunning showcase for one of the strongest and most compelling shows on television. I am beyond impressed.

I can’t praise the Hollis conspiracy enough. It’s added a whole new layer to the show and made it that much more powerful in the process. The fact that all these vital players are involved in a deal that made them the influential figures they are today is just genius, and now that their world’s at risk, it’s fascinating to watch them scramble to survive. The reveal at the end with the voting machines being rigged was a real jawdropper and I can’t wait to see its ramifications on the rest of the show. So the roundtable of evil made sure the election was rigged and secured Fitz’s presidency (and all of their elite positions in the process)? Couple that with Olivia menacingly overhearing Abby’s reveal to David and we’ve got ourselves more than enough material for one heck of a spectacular season.

With all that praise, I haven’t even discussed this week’s case which was seamlessly integrated into the proceedings. Brenda Strong was exceptionally solid as the Governor’s wife who falsely cried out rape, but it was the Governor himself who proved to be a remarkable villain. The storyline took quite a few turns but culminated in a marvelous scene which displayed just how far this man had gone to finally secure a “win”. The fact that he had such hatred towards Olivia after losing the election only made the development more impactful. I actually wouldn’t mind seeing him again in the future as he’s quite the capable antagonist for Liv to deal with.

Funnily enough, this hour was incredible and it didn’t even feature Fitz (although he was constantly in the background). That’s quite an achievement because it proved Scandal can be just as compelling without the forbidden love story front and center.

Scandalous Bits

– I loved the awkward girl hitting on Huck in AA. And their date was delightfully amusing. I particularly enjoyed Huck taking her out to stalk his favorite family.

– Cyrus and his husband playing the question game at the White House felt too forced for me.

– I love Verna. She had a very enlightening scene with Olivia at the hospital as she casually calls her a fool after their moving heart-to-heart.

– Brenda Strong’s “4359 votes” spiel didn’t really do it for me. Maybe it’s because I’ve watched a lot of Grey’s Anatomy but it was too much of Shonda’s typical pour-your-heart-out monologue combined with focusing on one insignificant detail (that wretched number).

– Superb scene as Cyrus put Mellie in her place. God these actors have a lot of dialogue to memorize.

– Olivia and her suitor (whose name eludes me) were surprisingly amusing.

– The Governor gloating over Olivia and the whole “rape is such a gorgeous word” speech was just so wonderfully sinister.

– I really liked the final bonding scene between Cyrus and Olivia. Their dynamic is really enjoyable.


Harrison: Dude you’ve hacked the NSA mainframe, you don’t think you can get a dinner reservation?
Huck: Good point.

Cyrus: (to Mellie) All roads lead to Fitz. Which means everything has to be about him. Not you. You are not to make a single news story right now. Nothing. Don’t start a recycling plan in the east wing. Don’t comment on poverty or education or even puppies. And if your water breaks, change your pants and cross your knees.

Aside from Fitz’s absence and some minor quibbles, this was a near perfect hour of Scandal. Outstanding.

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