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Grey’s Anatomy 9×05 – Beautiful Doom

"I'm not a spoon, I'm a knife and I'm going to stab you in the eyeball."


I know many people love to harp on Grey’s Anatomy for staying past its prime but the past two seasons have capably proven how a veteran show can continue to be spectacular many years into its run.

As far as I’m concerned, Meredith and Christina are the core relationship of Grey’s and this episode was the perfect showcase for that unique dynamic. Their never-ending phone-calls throughout the episode supplied the hour with a charming flow, but it was the ending that really bookended things magnificently Seeing Christina arrive at Meredith doorstep as the two realized that “everybody’s dead” was such a poignant and powerful moment. Truly one of the best endings for the show in quite a while.

On their own, Meredith and Christina also had some wonderful character moments. Mer successfully balanced motherhood with her work while Christina finally found a cause and friend to believe in (Dr. Thomas) only to lose him in the most unexpected moment. Both storylines were immensely well-done and further cemented these two ladies as the standouts of the show.

Bits & Scalpels

– This episode has a bunch of quirky additions that I enjoyed such as the split screen and Mer (and Christina’s) inner voices. More touches like these please.

– Absolutely horrifying teaser with Meredith stumbling on to the accident and screaming out at people for not lending a hand.

– Doomsday preppers? Ha!

– Superb scene with the double surgery as Dr. Thomas suddenly drops dead! Utterly insane but incredible sequence.

– Adorable moment with Owen and Zola. He’s been sidelined a bit too much lately.

Grey Banter

Meredith: Well can’t you just give your sex friend more sex in exchange for not firing your old man friend?
Christina: Eww I’m not a prostitute. Besides I’ve thought of that and it’s too much sex.

Thomas: (to Christina) I object to your extracurricular gymnastics with that man. He’s making you conversational and skittish. Condoms can’t protect against that.

Bailey: (to Meredith) Okay this is about world domination, if we’re going to take over we need to have our babies crying somewhere other than the ICU.

Christina: I’m breathing.
Thomas: Slowly, not like an anxious hyena.

Must Download Tunes
Ghosts by On & On
Flowers Turn To Fire by O+S
Gold by Wake Owl

All in all, another outstanding hour of Grey’s Anatomy.

Nad Rating


  1. Oh, Nadim.
    I've long dropped out in watching this show.
    Reading your reviews on Grey's is making me wonder…..
    Will think about it. hahaha.
    Have a nice day.
    Nice reviews on this show, btw.

  2. Great Review! I really enjoyed this episode and I am glad Christina is back. I just checked the promo for next episode and I can't wait to see Yang handling the new interns.

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