Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time 1×06 – Tallahassee

"First beanstalk? You never forget your first. Most men would find your silence off-putting but I like a challenge."


It was a long time coming but Once Upon A Time really needed this episode. While I wish it was more impressive, it at least managed to provide us with some much-needed backstory for the heroine of our story: Emma Swan.

Jennifer Morrison did a great job here. I really enjoyed the flashbacks to her previous life and her first love. It was just comforting to watch Morrison play a somewhat cheery aspect of her character after having the world’s burdens on her shoulders for the past season and a half.

The Giant stuff however was terrible. Seriously show if you can’t afford better CGI, don’t construct so many set pieces that live or die based on their visual effects. Jorge Garcia tried his best, but the scenes were just painful to watch and I was literally cringing all throughout.

Finally, the episode’s most impressive highlight for me was Hook. The character has really integrated well into the show and it was a joy watching him interact with Emma. Is it wrong that I really want to see this couple succeed? They’d definitely make an unpredictable relationship.

Storybrooke Snippets

– While the CGI was atrocious, I nonetheless really enjoyed Emma and Hook’s banter as they climbed the beanstalk.

– Funny little convo between Snow White and Sleeping Beauty as they bonded over sleeping curses.

– August! Never really liked him although it was good to have him from a storytelling perspective.

– Emma being a badass with the sword and subduing the giant slightly made up for the horrid effects.

– Love Emma not being stupid and handcuffing Hook (even after they made a connection).

– Very touching hug between Emma and Snow. Their dynamic has been just wonderful this year.

– Hmm. I’m very intrigued by Henry and Aurora’s shared dream…

A disappointing hour and the weakest episode of the season.

Nad Rating


  1. Me too… There's so much more to the story! So the thief is Henry's dad, the same random guy we saw in episode 1. How she came to be who she is now is fascinating too.

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