Revolution 1×07 – The Children’s Crusade

"It's irritating when a dumb kid tells you what to do isn't it?"


While this episode didn’t have the strongest standalone plot, its attempts at further developing Revolution‘s mythology were surprisingly excellent and have me quite intrigued for the rest of the year.

First off, I was surprised that the writers practically solved a key element of the blackout so soon. The fact that Rachel and the gang had a start-up that was working towards saving energy (and instead had the opposite effectt) pretty much answers the show’s core question: who was initially responsible for the techonlogy used to wipe out power across the globe? Of course we still have to uncover how exactly the DoD weaoponized this concept and who launched it but I really appreciate the show’s will to answer such key questions so soon in its run. It’s not like Lost ever tried to answer anything as remotely vital seven episodes into its debut season. In addition, it was great to see Grace again and to discover the identity of “Randall”. Suffice to say, I’m very impressed with the mythological aspects of Revolution.

It hopefully won’t happen again for a while, but I wasn’t as intrigued by the kid rebels and Charlie’s quest to save one of them. It did however provide us with a look into those brutal military ships and it gave Miles a lot more things to feel guilty about. Furthermore, Charlie got brutally branded with the Militia tattoo which is bound to be useful (or problematic) in the future.

In addition, Rachel got a lot to do for once which is always a pleasure as I still freaking adore Elizabeth Mitchell. I hope she continues to get a lot of screen-time going forward as she’s obviously extremely integral to the narrative. And now with Miles and Charlie aware of Aaron’s pendant, things are only going to get more exciting from here on out.

While it had some great revelations, this episode was brought down by a weak standalone plot.

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