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The Good Wife 4×07 – Anatomy Of A Joke

"These breasts can do anything when they set their mind to it."


Superb. This was the single funniest episode of the show to date as I literally couldn’t stop smiling throughout. Leave it to The Good Wife to constantly surprise me.

I never liked Christina Ricci but she was phenomenal here. From the hilarious opening as she flashed her breasts on live TV to every subsequent moment on screen, she literally stole the show with her unique charm and surprisingly inherent likeability. The Good Wife always knows how to pick its guest-stars and this episode was no exception. Here’s hoping we see her again because she was immensely memorable.

This was also a great episode for Peter as Eli struggled to control the “Brazilian birthmark” scandal. Alicia’s reaction to the rumor in particular was hilarious, as was Eli’s inability to respond when he first heard about. And of course the fact that Maddie was appropriately behind it all is bound to cause some friction in the future.

Finally, I loved seeing Amanda Peet again and I’m glad that it looks like she’ll be sticking around as Peter’s junior state’s attorney. The fact that she’ll now probably be clashing with Alicia on a weekly basis (after our heroine got her the job no less) really intrigues me. I do hope she becomes part of the main cast from now on.

Cases & Bits

– Loved the car horns conveniently beeping out the word tits in the opening. I like it when the show tackles comedy so brazenly.

– Christina Ricci should seriously consider a career in stand-up comedy. Each of her skits were awesome in this.

– It was amusing to see our favorite trustee lose his cool and practically destroy Diane’s door in the process.

– Awesome quiet little scene as Alicia and Carey bond over his dad in the hotel room. I quite adore their dynamic.

– Ricci kissing Carey out of the blue was a wonderfully quirky moment.

– Alicia’s incessant laughter at the end was an excellent bookend to the hour.

Highly enjoyable and frequently hysterical, this was a wonderful hour of The Good Wife.

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