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The Walking Dead 3×05 – Say The Word

"That's not trying, that's sabotaging."


After last week’s masterpiece, I was expecting a disappointment but I’m glad to say this was still a pretty well-executed transitional hour that had enough intriguing developments to maintain my excitement for the rest of the season.

Rick’s reaction to Lori’s death was spectacular. The scene in which he brutally began slaughtering walkers was fantastic and shockingly fitting, and of course his unhinged massacre of the dead walker’s stomach was even more unsettling. I’m really looking forward to seeing how he further copes with this tragedy in the coming episodes (and if he takes it out on the gang like he did with Glen in this).

Speaking of the gang, they were awesome in this as they all stepped up (particularly Darryl) to take care of the baby. I really love the family they’ve created in the midst of this apocalypse. I do wonder what the hell happened to Carol though as she can’t possibly be dead in such an anticlimactic manner.

We got a lot of insight into the Governor and the town of Woodbury in this one. While I didn’t think the final gladiator sequence was that shocking, the scene in which he embraced his walker daughter was beyond creepy and disturbing. I’m eager to see him snap completely and really cause some damage.

Michonne finally got to be a badass again in an incredible scene with her katana and a cage-full of zombies. I much prefer her killing biters to moping around Andrea (who deserves whatever’s coming to her because, really, nobody’s that dense).

And finally, the cliffhanger was brilliant with Rick answering the ringing phone which literally came out of nowhere. I have no idea where this could go and I can’t wait to find out.

Appropriately grim, a very solid hour of The Walking Dead.

Nad Rating


  1. Hey Nadim.
    I watched on sunday, and I couldn't agree more with your review! I really thought that Rick might actually snap and accidentally kill Glenn in his rage. I'm glad he didn't though haha…
    Keep the reviews coming and well done!

  2. Hey Francis! What a cool surprise to see you here! I didn't know you watched the The Walking Dead too! It's been a fantastic year for the show so far! Looking forward to discussing the rest of the season with you!

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