Arrow 1×06 – Legacies

"I don't need charity from the son of the man who screwed me over."


There wasn’t enough momentum for me in this one. Arrow has been on a roll lately but this was sadly disappointing.

I get what they were going for with The Royal Flush Gang but they felt like a distraction from the main course. They just weren’t threatening enough as the villains of the piece. I don’t want Oliver to just tick names off a list every week, the show needs to get back to its long-term arcs and intriguing mythology. I was at least hoping we’d get some more tidbits on Deathstroke and the island but instead we got some repetitive flashbacks and a lot of cheesy dialogue.

Speaking of the dialogue, I wish the writers would stop giving Stephen Amell the worst lines in the history of the medium. There’s only so many times I can hear him rant about “making a difference” and “doing the right thing” before it gets extremely tedious and my ears start to bleed.

The highlight of the hour was the strained relationship between Oliver and his mom. Moira is a delightfully layered character and I can’t seem to pinpoint where her allegiances lie. It was actually very moving to see her crave her son’s attention and that final scene in the diner was just splendid. I wanted some thrilling cliffhanger but instead I got Ollie and his mom bonding over burgers and it was surprisingly better. The show needs more endings like these so we can really invest ourselves in the characters.

Bits & Arrows

– Badass opening training scene with Diggle.

– Loved the playful vibe between Oliver and Thea trying to get out of brunch.

– A family of thieves. Funny.

– I liked Tommy’s please to Laurel about their relationship being real. They’re really setting the foundations for a great love triangle. Thea’s involvement however is a bit much.

– The shield was a simple yet really cool obstacle for Arrow to overcome in the fight.

– Am I the only one who’s wondering about the page from the magic notebook that Ollie threw into the fire? Are we just going to ignore the villains on that list?

– I laughed when Ollie told his mom that “it’s okay to get your hands dirty.” If he only knew…

Starling Quips

Carter: And next there’s an agent trying to make me the next Dr. Oz.
Oliver: Why would he want you to be a wizard?
Thea: For all our sakes, start reading Us Weekly.

An unfortunate letdown after last week’s superb outing.

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