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Grey’s Anatomy 9×06 – Second Opinion

"This year's interns seem more defective than most. Speak when you're spoken to!"


Wonderful. This hour did an excellent job of exploring several key relationships within the show while balancing Grey’s Anatomy‘s usual dose of emotion and humor.

The highlight of the hour for me was Bailey’s quest to bring Arizona back into the fold. It was a remarkably heartwarming and touching storyline that really conveyed the deep affection these doctors have for another. Bailey’s master plan was genius, and it was so darn satisfying to see Arizona walk into Seattle Grace at the end and offer her help. More of these two together please.

I was also quite fascinated by Callie and Derek’s relationship. These two don’t spend nearly enough time together and I adored the spectrum of emotions they went through culminating in Callie’s touching plea to Derek (in which she counted the ways she could still save his hand). Superb.

The legal arc with the plane crash aftermath also took a shocking turn at the end with the attorneys going after Owen and the hospital. I seriously did not see this development coming and I can’t wait to learn more. It’s undoubtedly going to open a whole new bag of worms which is bound to cause some fireworks.

And finally, how can I not mention Christina Yang’s epic return to Seattle Grace? Sandra Oh knocked it out of the park (as always) and cracked me up on more than one occasion as she continuously abused her interns

Bits & Scalpels

– The Chief emailing the wrong Avery was hilarious.

– Christina’s new cardiac boss seems like an interesting addition to the show.

– I liked April’s dessert tray analogy. I never like April.

– Arizona walking towards the door and falling was heartbreaking yet ultimately uplifting. Jessica Capshaw is on fire this year.

– I kind of like the intern Jo and her desire to save Santa. Apparently Chandra Wilson (who directed this episode) proposed the cyclic vomiting case because her daughter suffers from it.

– Callie and Derek screaming at each other was painful to watch.

– Christina’s back in Mer’s house, with Alex no less! This is gonna be fun!

Grey Banter

Avery: Missed you.
Christina: Yes. Blah blah, pleasantries.

Christina: No one named Jeff has ever done anything substantial.

Intern: Good to see you back Dr. Yang.
Christina: Have we met?
Intern: Um sort of, you threw a vase full of flowers at our heads.
Christina: Did I hurt you?
Intern: No.
Christina: Well there’s still time

Intern: There wasn’t a dwarf named mousy.
Christina: They saved it for you.

Intern: You did throw that vase at me.
Christina: That is hearsay, or something.

Must Download Tunes
Dazed and Confused by IKO
Museum of Flight by Damien Jurado

Incredibly funny and frequently touching, an excellent hour of Grey’s Anatomy.

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