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The Vampire Diaries 4×06 – We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes

"You're using your calm voice. Who's getting killed today?"


While this hour had an utterly magnificent ending and some intriguing touches, I’m not convinced it was entirely necessary.

We get it, Elena feels guilty she murdered Connor. Thankfully they gave her hallucinations a supernatural cause (another show would have just blamed it on her conscience) but it didn’t really need 40 minutes of Nina Dobrev whining and whimpering. On top of that, there was absolutely no suspense since we all knew she wasn’t going to kill herself. Nina is much more compelling when she gets to play Katherine (which was such a welcome development). Seriously show, feel free to bring her back into the fold full-time any day now.

The final scene however was outstanding. Both Nina and Paul displayed incredible nuance while still managing to imbue the breakup with the gravity and weight that it deserved. I for one can not wait to see Elena fully embrace a relationship with Damon. The mind boggles at the type of wicked fun these two would get themselves into (and I’m sure Nina and Ian would be ecstatic)

As for the season’s mythology, I appreciated the attempts at linking the professor to the pastor’s suicidal act in the premiere. They’re obviously positioning him to be the season’s primary antagonist. However, I will not lose hope that Bonnie might join him or eventually take over because the girl needs something more to do on this show.

Bits & Bites

– Horrifying teaser with Elena accidentally stabbing Jeremy.

– Why does Nina Dobrev look infinitely more beautiful when she plays Katherine? I guess it’s the combination of hair, clothes and attitude.

– Loved Elena’s mom calmly telling her death is the way to go.

– Jeremy’s first hunter kill was pretty cool. I’m interested to see where this arc takes him.

Vampy Zingers

Jeremy: What happened?
Damon: Long story. Buy the e-book.

Bonnie: How did I not know all this stuff about Jeremy?
Damon: The witch who loses her powers gets left out of all the important conversations.

Bonnie: You need to kill a vampire.
Jeremy: Great. Give me a stake and I’ll kill Damon right now.
Damon: Easy Van Helsing.

Must Download Tunes
The Thread of The Thing by Fay Wolf
Walking Blind by Aiden Hawk and Carina Round

While it wasn’t the most thrilling hour of The Vampire Diaries, this was still an entertaining enough episode.

Nad Rating


  1. I agree with what you said but with everything that happened, everything introduced and taken away, i would have given it at least a B+

  2. Elena is so bipolar, okay we get it her feelings for Damon have been amplified but can she just make up her mind.. The triangle has got me fed up on this show, especially that Stefan is being a cry baby about it! I really am more interested in Jeremy's plot line more than Elena's. Her character has started to bore me, I hope we see more of Katherine now. I agree with the C+.

  3. Haha Stefan cry-baby! Jeremy is becoming quite interesting for once! Very intrigued to see what happens to him!
    And I really can't wait to see more Katherine you're right! She's just awesome!

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