Suburgatory 2×05 – The Wishbone

"Hi group of people I don't know standing in a semi-circle judging me."


I make it a habit not to review comedies on a weekly basis because that would be such an impossible task with the zillion dramas I write about everyday. Nevertheless, it’s been a while since I touched base with Suburgatory. The brilliant suburban satire had a magnificent debut season (although it ended with a semi-weak stretch). This year however, it’s back to the show that I originally fell in love with and I hope its sophomore season continues to go from strength to strength.

I wasn’t sure how introducing Tessa’s mother would affect the show, but I have to say I’m so pleased they did. Malin Ackerman (an actress I’m not usually fond of) is perfectly cast as Tessa’s offbeat, quirky and pretty weird mom. She injects Suburgatory with an interesting dose of strangeness that compliments Tessa’s uniqueness. I’m actually really looking forward to see how she interacts with the rest of the cast. George already feels insecure (although he wants the best for his daughter) and Dallas is trying her best to mend the relationship between Alex and Tessa (maybe because she sees a reflection of her own imperfect mothering?) Suffice to say, the rest of the season is brimming with potential.

I also have to mention that I love the fact that the writers finally got Dallas and George together last week. They’re an awesome duo and I hope they never break up due to some forced drama or Alex-induced obstacles. Cheryl Hines continues to be one of the show’s MVPs.

Pickets & Fences

– Sheila Shay dancing was just beyond epic.

– I laughed at Dahlia and Dallas’ portable Thanksgiving wardrobe.

– Sheila’s husband measuring the cutlery distance on the table…with a ruler! Talk about OCD!

– Love Sheila always trying to get “down” and “ghetto” with Malik.

– Gobble Gobble is a nice bit of continuity from last year.

– Sheila and Malik “navigating” their naked encounter was wonderfully done.

– Alex thinking Dahlia is Tessa and hugging her while the evil blonde didn’t even try to deny it killed me.

– Sheila and Malik high-fiving each other about the “big” deal. I could watch these two forever.

– The highlight of the hour: the montage with Tessa and Alex bonding on the floor, George sitting in the darkness, and Lisa crying. Incredible emotion that the show should always tap into.

Slices of Suburbia

Dahlia: This year’s Thanksgiving is gonna have a Caribbean theme. So I’m gonna need you to use the word “man” a lot. For instance: “sorry me mashed potatoes be so clumpy man.” I also don’t need to remind you that I’m severely allergic to anything nasty. So all the food you cook should be good-tasting or not-nasty when at all possible.

Noah: She went home with a brown friend… a friend from Brown. Some Chinese kid.

Dahlia: Tessa’s very much like a man. She dresses like a man but she’s smaller than a man. She’s like a man trapped in a small boy’s body. There he is now.

Must Download Tune
Orange Sky by Alexi Murdoch

Charming and consistently funny, a first-rate episode of Suburgatory.

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