Last Resort

Last Resort 1×07 – Nuke It Out

"So we're executioners now?"


Just like 666 Park Avenue, Last Resort gets cancelled and in the same week gives us one heck of a fantastic episode.

This episode was impressive enough to make me feel disappointed that the show has been cancelled. Yes I hadn’t been the show’s biggest fan since its quality has waned since the pilot, but it looks like Last Resort is unfortunately finally finding its feet. The good news is that the show’s premise won’t be unrealistically stretched out for numerous seasons past its expiration date (*cough*Lost*cough) and we’ll hopefully get a satisfying ending to the story.

There were a lot of elements to love about this hour. First off, Serat finally proved to be an intimidating and unpredictable villain. The sequence in which he burns the Cob’s feet and injects him with a painkiller he was addicted to years ago was harrowing to watch. And it was just the kind of disturbing development the show needed to built Serat up as a capable villain instead of a bumbling buffoon. I’m still not a fan of the actor but this was pretty great.

A lot of soapy developments in this one but I have to say I loved them all. From Grace and King hooking up (in a very sexy and satisfying little moment) to Sam discovering his kiss-video with Sophie, a lot of couples are getting together and it feels strangely fitting in a show that doesn’t feel romantic in the slightest.

And finally, Kylie and Christina continued to work together in compelling ways. Pairing them up reinvigorated the show and I especially loved Christina dropping the bombshell on live TV. Suffice to say, this storyline continues to intrigue and I can’t wait to see what hell these two will raise next.

Submarine Snippets

– I have a feeling Cortez was indeed raped by Serat and she’s been somehow turned.

– Very intriguing reveal by Booth who says they want Sam to take over and remain on the island.

– Interesting moment as Booth compares the Captain to Gaddaffi and Stalin. It feels strangely true as likeable as the captain is.

– I was sad King cheated on Tani but his hookup with Grace was pretty cool.

– Loved Christine kissing whats-his-name so he wouldn’t find Kylie snooping in his car.

– So Cortez has the key! Sneaky sneaky…

Last Liners

Sophie: (to Sam) Only an American would apologize for a kiss.

One of the strongest hours since the pilot. Superb.

Nad Rating


  1. Like what Shawn Ryan said, they're going to go out with a big bang. 🙂
    (see my comment in Ep 6)
    It's a shame, ain't it?
    The good eps go out after a show gets the ax.

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