Revolution 1×08 – Ties That Bind

"Did you ever consider that society's sick, not me?"


While it didn’t come busting out the gate like Lost did, I think Revolution has a very big chance of being that show’s true successor. Over the last few years, several high-concept shows (Flashforward, The Event) tried to assume that mantle but failed miserably. Somehow, I think Eric Kripke’s show might turn out to be the long-awaited victor.

I very much enjoyed the added focus on Nora. She’s been a cipher since joining the show, and while I still feel like there’s still a lot to learn about her, her arc with Mia was pretty compelling. Credit must be given to the two young actresses who were cast as the girls. Both were outstanding at conveying the fear and horror of waking up to an apocalyptic world with no parents to turn to. I kind of wish they didn’t go the obvious route and have Mia working with Strausser but it was still a satisfying storyline.

Kim Raver in particular was excellent as her Julia turned out to be quite the manipulative and powerful lady. I’m very intrigued by her marriage to Nevill and the devious manner in which they managed to keep their son Jason in the Republic. The fact that they did so while throwing another family under the bus made it all the very absorbing.

Revolutionary Bits

– Horrifying teaser that did an excellent job of building up Strauser as a villain especially through his “torture” of Nora’s sister.

– The flashback with Nora and her sister under the bed was pretty horror-movie esque. Revolution really knows how to maintain a chilling and creepy vibe when flashing back to these blackout moments.

– I finally feel like Monroe is working as a villain. Killing Jon’s son helped a lot with that.

– Julia playing with her husband’s mind and wanting him to be their leader is obviously planting the seeds for some explosive developments.

– Nora kissing Miles was a very sweet and poignant moment. I’d like to see more of these two as their dynamic is very genuine.

– So the pendants have trackers? And where the hell are Randall and Grace? I have no idea what I saw at the end there.

Dystopic Digs

Nora: See you around.
Miles: These days I doubt it.

Miles: Corporal.
Strausser: I’m a Sargent now.
Miles: Well let’s be honest, you’re a sociopath.

Touching and thoroughly captivating, this was an excellent hour of Revolution.

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