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The Good Wife 4×08 – Here Comes The Judge

"I know what you think your honor. Does that mean you overrule my objection?"


This hour is a classic example of an episode that could have been a standout (thanks to a compelling main plot) but which is unfortunately brought down by a slew of annoying subplots.

First off the good: Alicia was incredible here. She stood up to not one but two judges throughout the proceedings and Margulies was as fantastic as always. It’s always thrilling when our lawyers stand up to pompous judges and the standoffs here were no different. It’s awesome really to witness just how proficient and capable Alicia has become as a lawyer over the seasons while still retaining the charm and determination that made her so likeable in the first place. The entire case was well handled whether it was Will’s involvement or Amanda Peet’s new turn as the ASA (who started out as a bumbling buffoon and soon morphed into hell-on-wheels).

Now had this plot remained the sole focus of the hour, the episode would have been a surefire winner. However, the writers saw fit to introduce that horrendous Grace storyline with the dead friend and her irritating boyfriend. It’s plots like these that ruin the show and I had hoped the writers had learned their lesson. In addition, the Nick crap resumed and I really am at a loss for words as why that is even the case. At least it looks like it’s finally winding down as he took the fight to Cary which will undoubtedly piss off Kalinda.

Cases & Bits

– I love how Alicia didn’t stand down while facing both judges. Such a bad ass.

– I really like Giada. She’s witty and headstrong. I’d love to her on the show full-time as her banter with Will was great.

– So is Alicia going to stay on good terms with Laura (Amanda Peet)? Because the latter looks like she sure knows how to fight dirty.

– I could care less about Alicia’s kid. I can’t even remember his name which proves how utterly useless he is.

– So Peter took the week off?

While the case-of-the-week was superb, the hour wasn’t particularly satisfying thanks to a couple of missteps.

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