Revolution 1×09 – Kashmir

"Do you even remember the United States?"


This hour was a bit of a letdown after an awesome stretch. I don’t know if it’s because I watched it on a plane but it bored me and wasn’t nearly as captivating as I would have liked.

It’s funny how Last Resort also had an episode with its characters hallucinating recently (this will be one of the last times I compare the two shows as Resort has been cancelled) but I think for once, Revolution‘s outing was weaker. The whole oxygen depletion angle felt like a forced writing decision, and I just hate manufactured suspense. Seriously did anybody for a second think Charlie would die after stepping on that mine? At least threaten a supporting character like Aaron with that development!

Nevertheless, the show continues to impress by answering questions I never thought would get answered this early on. Rachel dumped quite a bit of exposition on us with regards to the pendant and this was probably her strongest hour to date. Elizabeth Mitchell is still badass, and she got an epic moment as she stabbed Brad to ensure her own survival. It was actually Revolution’s best ending so far, and has me immensely pumped for the next episode.

Revolutionary Bits

– Nora and the imaginary creature drowning her was pretty creepy. I wish there was an actual shark under there.

– Charlie isn’t bad at all with that crossbow. Actually, she’s become a pretty good shot. Too bad she got shot herself a second later.

– I loved the reveal that Rachel was building a bomb. Damn she’s awesome.

– Does anyone else feel Monroe might have a thing for Rachel? I always get that vibe.

Dystopic Digs

Charlie: You look terrible.
Miles: Part of the charm.

Although the ending was incredible, this was a sadly uneventful hour of Revolution

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