The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead 3×06 – Hounded

"She sent us a biter-gram y'all."


I wasn’t too engrossed by Rick and the telephone but it definitely served it purpose as it conveyed his shattered psychological state, and allowed him to have one final conversation with Lori. I think we all felt that the calls weren’t real so the reveal wasn’t much of a shock. I did love the final moment with Rick finally embracing his baby. It was a scene filled with hope particularly with Dale finding Carol as well (shocker).

However, this episode was an excellent showcase for Michonne. Although we still don’t know much about her, she got to be one fantastic badass slicing actual people instead of walkers with that katana of hers. Her rivalry with Merl is consistently exciting and I loved the worlds colliding as Merl took Glen and Maggie hostage.

Andrea continues to be quite dense but at least we got some forward momentum with her sleeping with the Governor who now has her friends hostage. I have a feeling she’ll choose the dark side in the coming episodes so that will undoubtedly elevate the stakes. I’m hoping they don’t go the expected route and have her pick her friends.

And finally, that ending was spectacular with Rick slowly spotting something in the distance who turns out to be Michonne making her way through a group of walkers. That final glance through the barb wire was just beyond thrilling.

Zombie Bites

– The guts falling all over Michonne was a suitably nasty moment.

– I liked the small scene with Andrea and her bow-friend. At least she’s back to being tough again as she jumped over the wall and stabbed the walker.

– So Michonne never knew that covering herself with walker guts would shield her scent? It doesn’t make much sense since she had walker prisoners of her own.

– Andrew Lincoln is superb this year. Seriously outstanding.

– Poignant moment with Dale and Carl bonding over their dead moms. I used to detest Dale but he’s become one of my favorites.

Although not the most exciting hour, this was still an entertaining episode bookended by a brilliant final moment.

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