The Good Wife

The Good Wife 4×09 – A Defense Of Marriage

"He had the soul of a vagabond."


I don’t know what happened this week but Revenge introduced Victoria’s mother (not very successfully I might add) and now The Good Wife introduced Alicia’s mom (much more effectively) Stockard Channing was simply outstanding and I’m hoping Veronica sticks around as part of the main cast. Her tense dynamic with Alicia is ripe with potential, not to mention her awesome chemistry with David Lee (I can totally see these two hooking up).

Alicia was quite brilliant here as well and I loved her final move as she dragged Peter for some dirty bathroom sex as a sort of rebellious response to her mother. Suffice to say, Veronica brought out some hilarious reactions from the cast and I can’t wait to see what other turmoil she’ll cause.

The case of the week with Doma and gay-rights was less interesting however. It just became too convoluted and not in any particularly compelling manner. I’m not much a fan of Brislow either so there wasn’t a lot of enjoyment for me here.

Cases & Bits

– David Lee offering Victoria some M&Ms cracked me up.

– I did enjoy the fact that Brislow wanted to lose the case so he could take the issue to the Supreme Court.

– Funny how Alicia’s brother perjured himself to protect his mother. A momma’s boy indeed.

– Loved both grandmas facing off. Great banter. I guess Jackie isn’t the worst after all.

Good Lines

Veronica: I’ve never found anybody to satisfy me I guess. They either bore me or die.

Veronica: I always thought a penis never looked right unless it was circumsized.

Veronica: (To Jackie) Paying for it seems to run in your family.

Some wonderful character moments and an unexciting case made for a somewhat uneven hour.

Nad Rating

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