Arrow 1×07 – Muse Of Fire

"Maybe you should spend a little less time trying to be a hero. You're obviously not very good."


I’m pleased to say that the introduction of The Huntress into the Arrow world is exactly what the show needed. Oliver could really benefit from a fellow vigilante / kickass love interest and Jessica DeGouw was surprisingly awesome. She did an excellent job of balancing the role’s action scenes with a healthy dose of much-needed vulnerability. I’m really looking forward to seeing what she does next.

Her introduction also gave us a lot of insight into Ollie’s psyche. I loved him confronting the fact that there was a feeling of freedom on the island (as he rarely gets to mull over the good times). His dynamic with Helena could prove especially compelling in the coming weeks. The ending in particular was superb with the two vigilantes finding each other through their “hate’ and finally connecting. Oliver definitely needs Helena more than Laurel at this point as The Huntress just elevates the show. Well done writers.

Bits & Arrows

– Awesome opening bike shooting and Ollie trying to chase down the assailant. Excellent cinematography.

– God Katie Cassidy looks gorgeous in those short shorts.

– Seriously, what was the point of China White’s 2-second return appearance?

– Nice dynamic between Tommy and Laurel over Indian dinner. I do like these two.

– Oliver mispronouncing Tagliatelle cracked me up. Stephen Amell really sells straight-faced comedy.

– Tommy’s dad is Josh Borrowman? Moira’s “colleague”?” Now that’s a pretty good reveal. I look forward to seeing him mess with everyone including Tommy (who is now amusingly poor).

Starling Quips

Thea: I’m sorry if I was a bitch with you earlier.
Oliver: There were a few times. Could you be more specific?

Must Download Tunes
Trent Dabbs & Amy Stroup – Forgiving Myself
The Viels – Through The Deep Dark Woods

An intriguing transitional hour with some exciting developments.

Nad Rating


  1. I liked this ep, too, Nadim.
    Nice review.
    Jessica reminded me of Jen Garner.
    (Now, I really have to re-watch. Miss Alias it too much.)
    Stephen and Jessica's on screen chemistry is excellent.
    I agree with you that the current partnerships are okay.
    I'm a bit puzzled with the sudden stripping of Tommy's
    moneyline, though.
    Too sudden for the viewers, I think.
    I'm a bit disappointed in the less than a minute
    appearance of Kelly Hu (Lady Deathstrike).
    When I saw her name as one of the guests,
    I was so looking forward for an a**-kicking fight scene.
    Well, maybe on next eps with The Huntress; after she's
    been thoroughly trained by Digs and Ollie, I hope.
    Btw, I just want to mention – I love Digs; he's my teddy bear.:)

  2. You're right Jessica is quite similar to Jennifer Garner! Good catch!

    The Tommy thing was a bit too sudden but it will hopefully lead to some fun storylines with Laurel! And don't remind me of Kelly Hu! How utterly useless! Here's hoping she gets more to do next week!

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