Revolution 1×10 – Nobody’s Fault But Mine

"Some things are more important than family."


I’m impressed by the world Revolution has carved for itself in the past ten episodes. We’ve got a pretty intriguing mythology and a cast of compelling characters.

I was most fascinated by all the Monroe insights we got in this. I wasn’t a fan of David Lyons before this episode but he was excellent here. He really sold the character’s decade old brotherhood with Miles and as far as I’m concerned, the complicated relationship between these two has created a unique foundation for the show.

I really enjoyed Charlie finally reuniting with Rachel (and Daniel to a lesser extent). Now that Rachel’s on the run with the group, the dynamics are undoubtedly going to shift and I’m eager to see how. I’m also starting to wonder if Charlie might be Miles’ daughter because it looks like there was something between Rachel and Miles (as evidenced by the slap). I can’t say I wouldn’t love that possibility. Miles and Charlie have become a very lovable duo over the course of the season.

And finally, the ending was excellent with the gang rushing out of Monroe’s compound only to be intercepted by a powered-up and fully loaded helicopter. The fact that Monroe walked on to an airfield with a fleet of these choppers seconds before makes it all the more exciting. Suffice to say, the second half of the season is going to be one hell of a ride.

Revolutionary Bits

– Tom verbally abusing Aaron amused me with all the Google references.

– Loved Miles taking Julia hostage. I wish she and Nevil had more to do in the episode.

– Charlie has become a badass! Love the growth in how she helped Dany out of the cell by tricking the guard.

– Strauser’s transformation to full-on rapist was jarring. First threatening Rachel with her daughter “the peach” and then attacking Rachel. Nevertheless, epic sequence with her killing him. Are we supposed to assume he’d raped her before with the whole “this is for what you did to me” line? I really don’t like insinuation.

–Β  Brilliant juxtaposition of Miles and Monroe as kids was guns. I also really liked witnessing the birth of the Militia tattoo.

– Superb sword-fight between Miles and Monroe. I just realized that we saw the two laughing in the first flashback about one day fighting with swords. Really cool, full-circle moment.

Dystopic Digs

Monroe: Just like Miles always said: a good hostage always gets the job done.

Miles: (to Charlie) Run you idiot.

A satisfying and thrilling bookend to the first half of Revolution‘s solid first season.

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