Scandal 2×07 – Defiance

"Saying honesty isn't a strategy, is a strategy."


Well this was disappointing. Scandal was on a roll this year but this hour was much too boring and standalone-ish for my taste.

I guess Shonda spoiled me this year because practically every hour of this show has been incredible and engaging. But watching Pope and Associates trying to reel in a crazy CEO just wasn’t very exciting. I wanted more Roundtable of Evil or at least a case of the week that kept me guessing with its twists and turns. Even the fast dialogue began to grate in this episode.

And you just know an episode of Scandal isn’t the greatest when Quinn and David are the only ones who do anything worthwhile. The former got to trick Huck and prove her kidnapping (probably her finest moment yet on the show) and the latter found real evidence of the conspiracy. So at least we got some long-term plot points in play.

However, the episode’s highlight was undoubtedly the ending (which I accidentally spoiled on Twitter) with Fitz getting shot. It’s a startling moment that’s bound to send shock-waves throughout the rest the show. Did Mellie know about the hit? It sure looks like it. Was Hollis responsible? It can’t be that obvious right? I’ve got a lot of questions and that’s definitely a good thing. Here’s hoping for a return to form next week. The show is allowed one off episode after all.

Scandalous Bits

– Fitz mesmerized by Olivia in the corner of the screen. Ha!

– I was amused by the old guy painting “quack” on the psychiatrist’s chest.

– Abby and Harrison eating nachos outside the house was funny.

– Fitz spying on Liv. Yeah that’s not creepy. The look on his face as he rifled through the pictures was sad though.

– I don’t care about Liv’s new relationship. The guy is as boring as toast.

– Harrison and Abby dancing in the garden as the wacky couple does the same. Are they purely platonic?

– Kerry Washington sure looks beautiful in that dress.

– I seriously hate Twitter (specifically Shonda Rimes) for spoiling the gunshot.


Fitz: How’s the baby?
Mellie: Still in here.

Mellie: I’ve removed the Senator because I never liked his wife. Apparently, neither did he.

Must Download Tune
Crazy by Bettye La Vette

Scandal‘s first misfire of the season.

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