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Grey’s Anatomy 9×07 – I Was Made For Lovin’ You

"Good. You almost make me want to learn your name."


It’s so wonderful to see Arizona back full-time in Seattle Grace. I’m especially glad that the writers didn’t go all “dark and twisty” with this storyline. In fact, Arizona was surprisingly all smiles and charming once again. It’s just heartwarming to see her and Callie enjoying life as a happy family for a change. Let’s hope this lasts.

Shonda is extremely delusional if she thinks we care about April and Jackson as much as she does. These two are getting way too much screen-time as far as I’m concerned. And since April isn’t even pregnant, it feels like an utter waste of time. Please get these two off my screen fast.

The legal plot continues to be one of the season’s highlights. While I don’t the think the gang will blame Owen (after all it was just another signature), I doubt his conscience will let this revelation slide so easily. And while I like the fact that Christina finally knows she wants Owen back, I am intrigued by his asking for a divorce so she doesn’t lose the case. However, I do hope he tells her that’s the reason soon. I really don’t like forced misunderstandings and the ensuing dramas.

Bits & Scalpels

– Christina calling her intern “grumpy” still hasn’t gotten old

– Arizona not being able to reach her patient in time thanks to her leg was a sad little moment.

– Meredith’s ass and boobs being groped. Hilarious.

– I was pleasantly surprised by Arizona laughing after her fall. Her crying would have been too depressing after all she’d been though.

– The liver failing and the old guy’s speech was actually touching. His name however, eludes me.

– Meredith’s pregnant! I really didn’t see that coming. Does Pompeo want a break from the show?

Grey Banter

Christina: (to intern) Hey weepy. No big deal but don’t do that again. It’s gross.

Must Download Tunes
Let You Go By Katie Herzig
Signal In The Sky by Matt Hires

Not the most impressive hour of Grey’s Anatomy, this was a nonetheless enjoyable hour.

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