Last Resort

Last Resort 1×08 – Big Chicken Dinner

"You may have your laws but I'll have mine."


I wonder if the writers knew by this point that Last Resort had gotten cancelled. There are some elements that would make you think they’re speeding towards a conclusion (especially Serat practically taking over the island) yet the standalone plot felt sort of disposable (the rape trial). I’m leaning towards the latter because this hour didn’t feel as important as it should have been.

The episode’s biggest revelation is the fact that Grace was raped. It was handeled well enough by misdirecting us into thinking it was the village girl’s rape. Still, as sad as it was, it wasn’t as powerful as I thought it would be. It seemed more like an afterthought instead of an organic and vital plot point. Nevertheless, it undoubtedly adds more dimension to Grace so that’s good.

It’s funny how much I’m enjoying Christine and Sinclair. Their budding relationship is highly enjoyable, and it’s always amusing watching their various ploys particularly in tricking whats-his-name. I’m actually most intrigued by them lately so that’s not a great sign for the rest of the show. Here’s hoping they pull out the big guns for the last 5 episodes.

An enjoyable hour but nothing special.

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  1. I find the trial story line being a filler in the series.
    I'm with you in Grace being rape as an afterthought to make
    the crew have more substantial guilt “proof” to add more drama.
    I actually found the killing of the Marine by the cliff more interesting.
    I also like the Christine/Sinclair tandem enjoyable.
    Go, ladies!

  2. I'm just wondering…
    If Serat keeps on giving everyone grief,
    why don't they just get rid of him?
    Throw him off the cliff or something?
    Btw, where is Cobb?
    He's supposed to have badly burned feet.
    Nobody was looking for him; considering he's
    usually the Captain's mouthpiece with the crew.

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