Nikita 3×05 – The Sword’s Edge

"Uzbekistan's army, how big is it? Because you're going to need every last man to stop me from getting you."


While there’s a very big possibility that Nikita doesn’t last another season, I have to say that if this is the show’s final year, there’s a very satisfying thematic throughline for the show: Division’s current status quo and what that says about our heroine.

The Dirty 30 (and Amanda) might seem like the season’s main villains, but this episode more than ever, made clear that the President and the United States government are the true antagonists. I can totally see Division under attack by the finale and that’s a very exciting prospect indeed.

The President’s threats also allowed us a great deal of insight into Nikita and Ryan’s newly formed dynamic. I love that Nikita and the gang reacted very realistically to Ryan’s secret: they were angry at first, but then came to realize the necessity of his decision. The stakes have been elevated and I can’t wait to see Team Nikita balance all the various elements at play (particularly with Amanda’s machinations presiding over everything).

I’m not entirely sure how I feel about Alex and Owen. I’ve been hearing a lot of chatter over these two lately (apparently a large part of the fandom wants them together) and I can see why. They’re both severely damaged agents with matching butterfly tattoos to boot (an amusing touch). But where does this leave Sean? He’s been a non-presence this season and this hour didn’t help matters. Is this the beginning of a new love triangle? I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Bits & Bullets

– Cool opening with a brutal interrogator being revealed as a President and Division agent. At least they’re getting creative with the Dirty 30.

– Nikita hopping and rolling off the glider was very Batman.

– Are we just supposed to forget the fact that Alex started using drugs again last week?

– The grenade in the mouth was beyond epic. The show constantly finds news ways to surprise me.

– The explosion in Medical was a cool action moment.

– Love that Amanda is still messing with the team even when she’s not around.

– Nikita realizing that maybe they can never change was a very poignant moment.

– Nikita’s smile after Owen apologized for killing Julia was a great moment for her. She’s proud of him isn’t she?

– The masks were very Mission Impossible. Funny coincidence, Maggie Q was in that series’ third outing with a whole lot of mask hijinks.

– How is Division connected to the White House in an underground tunnel? Weren’t we lead to believe that the Division base was in the middle of nowhere? This better be clarified soon.

– The White House craziness with the switch and fight were just insane.

– It would have been cool for Michael to go undercover for a few weeks. The switch was a bit too easy.

Nikki Notables

Birkhoff: I’m just gonna say it: there are lots of brands of decaf that are just as tasty as the real thing. I say we make the switch.

Markov: You stupid bitch. Do you even know what you’ve done?
Nikita: Taking a murdering psychopath with delusions of grandeur out of commission? Am I in the ballpark?

Birkhoff: Yes Birkhoff, good job Birkhoff.
Nikita: Shut up Birkhoff.

Owen: Gas attacks, explosions. I was safer in a Russian prison.

Birkhoff: Might be a few side effects though. The entire country is going to be without internet for a couple of days. Possibly Afghanistan.

An exciting and intriguing hour from a very solid season of Nikita.

Nad Rating


  1. Did you notice the giant plot hole? At first they can't get Markov because he'll leak the video then they get him anyway? Also Nikita strides into the room and immediately knows what that Markov intends to get the President.

  2. Yes, I see what you mean, Penne Cole.
    It was not explained if Nikki's Team was able to block the
    explosive reveal Markov has supposedly made on a timer.
    Whether they called a bluff or not, was not revealed.

    Nadim, this is 2 items that the writer's continuity team
    seemed to have missed.
    First the tunnel to the White House, then this.

    What do you think?

  3. Hmmm, so about that plot hole Penne Cole and PlatinumRosebud mentioned in the comments.. I was a little surprised about it at first but then I realized I don't think it's a plot hole at all. Markov explained that the video would be released if he doesn't show up every morning and tell his security a secret word. That's why Division ended up releasing Mirkov AND have Michael wear that mask: the real Mirkov gets to say the secret word (hence, the video won't get released) and Division gets to take down that jerk afterwards and before he gets to kill the United States President.

    Then when he died, Birkohff erased those videos entirely (and took out the internet for a couple of days, possibly in Afghanistan as well lol).

    I kind of like that the show doesn't explain this right away but I think this makes sense, right?

    And yes the tunnel to the White House is a MUCH more glaring issue! What the hell, show?

    I love that the President is a woman. Unlike shows nowadays that beat us over the head with it, I feel like Nikita is the ONLY female-empowering show that doesn't make a deal out of its badass women in power (after Buffy?). I mean, it is a big deal, but at the same, the writers know how to normalize this and not make the show about THAT. Very impressive.

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