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Once Upon A Time 2×08 – Into The Deep

"I'm done reading about heroes. I want to be one."


I really am enjoying this season of Once Upon A Time. Granted many of the flaws persist and the show still hasn’t reached must-watch levels for me yet, it’s been quite a thrilling and layered ride this year.

I seriously love Cora as the show’s Big Bad. She’s exactly what the show needs full-time and I do hope she doesn’t miss any more episodes. Her dynamic with Hook is also highly enjoyable as the two villains bring out the best in the rest of the cast. Mulan however feels particularly useless. For a kickass warrior, she sure seems to stumble and lose Aurora a lot!

Charming however had a great episode. He’s had boring moments before, but he was pretty cool here and more determined than ever to get his wife back. The touch with her kiss being the thing that will save him is also a an interesting development.

Storybrooke Snippets

–  Epic moment with Cora raising the army of dead.

– Emma, Snow and Mulan kicking undead ass was brilliant. I don’t know why this show doesn’t have more fight scenes. They undoubtedly elevate the show.

– I cracked up when Cora telekinetically slammed Aurora into a wall and called her “plucky”. She’s so delightfully evil and sarcastic.

– Very enlightening talk between Snow and Emma over the stuff they could be regretful about.

– Snow and Charming’s reunion had too much cheesy dialogue but her tearful “I’m waking up” was undoubtedly heartbreaking.

– How did Hook get Aurora’s heart? Didn’t she notice? Can Cora just talk through her now?

Fairytale Favorites

Cora: (to Hook) Your pretty face buys you a lot, but not my time. It’s too valuable.

Hook: (to Aurora) I know you’re sleepy, but isn’t it obvious I’m setting you free.

Action-packed and intriguing, this was a step-up over the last episode and a very enjoyable hour of Once Upon A Time.

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